10 Best Free E-Book Reader App


The ebook reader app is also known as EReadears. It’s an electronic book where readers can read any book through digital devices. Ebook will be in a downloadable format, and it’s non-editable. You can read any book like comic, novel, fiction, historical fiction, poetry, biography, on the internet. You can read these Ebooks from any mobile device, computer, laptop, and other digital devices.

Ebook has replaced the traditional way of reading. You don’t have to go to the market and buy the books. You can search for any books on the internet and can download the books. It’s much easier to use an ebook than to carry a bunch of your favorite books. You can install different ebook apps from Android and iOS. There are many free ebook reader apps in the market. Here are the 10 best free ebook reader apps.

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1. Amazon Kindle

  • User-friendly UI
  • Customized font types, text size, text alignment, etc
  • Easy accessible
  • Instant translation
  • Provides audiobooks
  • Get notification of your favorite author
  • Pricing: Free

It’s one of the renowned ebook apps for digital devices. This amazon kindle provides you with different genres of books. You can read newspapers, magazines, and novels. To read those EBooks you don’t need a Kindle device. You can download the apps from iOS, Android, Windows, macOS, and can read ebooks. You can sync your read page and can also bookmark the page on all device platforms.

You can highlight the word or sentence and can make the important notes of any book. The unique feature of this app is the in-built dictionary which makes it easier to find difficult words from books. You can improve your reading skills by tracking your reading progress. You can zoom in on the high-definition image, text, fonts and it won’t degrade the quality.

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2. Aldiko Book Reader

  • Fully customizable
  • Import and export annotation
  • Host audiobooks
  • Library management system
  • Global text search
  • Pricing: Free and $4.99

It’s a free and paid app where a free app is enough to read books. But the disadvantage of the free app is ads. You can get many ads while reading books. With a premium version, you won’t get any ads on the app and you will get some extra features. Because of its functionality, it’s one of the best ebook reader apps.

Aldiko book reader supports the majority of ebook formats, which include EPUB(is an electronic publication), PDF(Portable Document Format), and encrypted Adobe DRM books. You can search any books and can read them. You can also buy premium books. You can download the Ebook and can read the book later on. You can also bookmark your favorite book pages. You can also add your favorite book category.

3. Wattpad

  • Makes your library
  • Get notification of new books and story
  • Join Community to write your own story
  • Fully customizable
  • Sync book across all device platforms
  • Share your story or books with other users
  • Pricing: Free

Wattpad provides a platform where all the users can write and post their articles, books, etc. The other users can like your book or article and can give suggestions about your writing. It’s the best option for those who aren’t tech-savvy. Users can search any book with their book code, or an internal browser makes it easier to access and read a book, and it easier to find their respective Ebook.

Wattpad also provides an offline mode to check the book.  You can install this app from both iOS and Android. You will get suggestion lists of the books. You can also see the upcoming book in the app. You can share, comment, and vote for your favorite story writer. You can download each page of the book. You can share your library with your friends and let them know what you are reading.

4. Kobo Books

  • Customizable
  • Sync books across all digital device platforms
  • Night mode
  • Review the books
  • Recommendation of books
  • Schedule timer
  • Pricing: Free 

It’s one of the contenders for the best ebook reader apps. This reader app is available across all digital device platforms. This reader app will provide you with a unique feature “Reading Life”, where the user will be in a community. You can express your love for reading. It’s a digital reading app where you can share notes, books and can discuss with friends about the books.

Kobo has over 6 million titles and is a digital bookstore. You can save the books as PDF and EPUB. You can download the books and can read the books offline. Kobo books also provide audiobooks for its users. You will get the suggestion of the world’s best books. You can also bookmark the last visited page of your reading book.

5. Google Play Books

  • Cross-device syncing
  • Night mode
  • Recommendation of books
  • Fully customizable
  • Book rental
  • Rapid skim mode
  • Pricing: Free

It’s an ebook reader app by Google and it’s also known as a virtual library. You can download the app from iOS and Android. Google play books app is a free app. But if you want to read some famous books, you have to pay for them. It’s a virtual bookstore where you can get a wide range of books and audiobooks. You can upload the books on your Google Drive and can read the book anywhere you want.

Google play books provide a feature called “Rent a book”, where users can rent books instead of buying. Once you bookmark your book, you can read it from any device at any place. You can preview the book before reading them. You can save the notes and can save them to your Google Drive. If you are finding it difficult to understand the word or sentence, you can use its offline dictionary.

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6. Nook

  • Fully Customizable
  • Synchronization
  • User-friendly interface
  • Organized library
  • Talkback Feature( It’s a special feature for those who are visually challenged)
  • Pricing: Free

It’s also another renowned ebook reader app. There are more than 3 million ebooks in this reader app. It has a vast collection of books similar to other apps. It allows users to search and read their favorite books. You can install the app from iOS, Android, and Windows.

You can change the line spacing and margin of the text. You can highlight the important line and can make notes of those lines. You can adjust the light while reading at night.

7. FBReader

  • Cloud-based storage
  • Fully customizable
  • Internal browser to access ebooks
  • Sync books across all digital device platforms
  • Pricing: Free

It’s a fully customizable reader app that supports all the formats, including RTF(Rich Text Format), DOC, HTML, and many others formats. You can read and download any particular book from its library. You can change the background color and can adjust the brightness according to day and night lights.

This app works across all device platforms, including Linux and Blackberry. It allows users to use an external dictionary. It has a built-in Google translator feature where users can translate any language instantly.

8. Libby

  • Fully Adjustable
  • Allow bookmarks and highlights
  • Categorized your favorite ebooks
  • Borrow ebooks
  • Pricing: Free

Libby reader app is developed by Overdriver, which is a renowned digital media management system. Instead of purchasing ebooks, you can borrow any ebook from your local library. You need a genuine library card to borrow ebooks. You can use the library card to sign in to many libraries. You can adjust the text’s size, the lighting, and the library design in the app. You can download the ebooks and audiobooks.

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9. Moon + Reader

  • Dual page mode
  • Day and night mode
  • Customized operation
  • Cloud-based storage
  • Real page turning effects
  • Gesture-based function
  • Pricing: Free and For Moon + Reader pro $4.99

It’s another free ebook reader app in the market. It’s one of the versatile ebook applications, enabling you to read thousands of free ebooks from different virtual libraries. There are two different apps. One is Moon + Reader, which is free with ads. Another one is Moon + Reader pro which is paid with ads free. This app supports all types of document formats. It’s a password protection app.

This app will provide you with the reading progress. You can see the reading progress on the status bar. You can back up your book in Dropbox and Google Drive. It has a shaking phone feature where users can shake the phone and turn it into a text to speak format. You can zoom in on the text, adjust the brightness, lock the page, touch the screen. You can create your bookshelf.

10. FullReader

  • Audiobooks(Playback setting)
  • Cloud storage
  • Fully customizable
  • Bookmarks page
  • Synchronization
  • Widgets and shortcuts
  • Create your library
  • Pricing: Free

It’s a free reader app where users can read a variety of books. It allows users to retrieve different ebooks from cloud storage or their digital devices. FullReader supports many formats like EPUB, PDF, MOBI, TXT, DOCX, etc. You keep your book on Google Drive, Dropbox and can download it whenever you want to read the ebooks. You can listen to audiobooks from your device. You will get ads while using this app.

You can visit your recently visited pages and can mark any book as a favorite. You can add other ebooks to your library. You can activate/deactivate the auto-scrolling function as per your need. This app has a built-in translator feature where you can translate any language to your preferred language.

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Therefore, Ebook is essential in the digital world. The Reader app makes it convenient to read books. You can read any book anywhere at any time. You don’t have to go to the library or buy a book from the bookseller. You can install the reader app and can download any books you want to read. You can have many books on your portable mobile device. You can instantly take notes, highlight the words or sentences.

Some reader apps also provide a platform to share your books or story. The community people will give you feedback on your writing skills. In this way, you can excel your reading and writing skills. These types of apps are environment friendly also.

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