6 Ways To Tell If Your iPhone Is Hacked


There is no doubt mobile phones have been one of the essential parts of one’s life. No matter where you go, you take your phone along with you, whether it is for safety reasons or not, to get bored at any palace. 

Not to forget, these days mobile phones are working like a small diary where you keep all your sensitive information. Most people like to store all small information on their devices to see them anywhere and anytime. 

Even though this technological change is making your life much easier than ever before, you should be equally aware of its dark side. You might be aware that many tech-savvy people are misusing their technological knowledge and using it in the wrong way. 

You may have heard of many people saying that their devices have been hacked. Now you may be wondering how do I know “if my iPhone is being hacked?” There are many cases where your mobile phone gets hacked unknowingly. There is always a reason behind hacking someones’ phone. 

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What Do You Mean By Phone Hacking?

Phone hacking means getting access to your phone without your consent. Phone spying, Phreaking, and Cellular hacking are other terms for phone hacking. Phone hacking is illegal, no matter what the intention of the hacker might be.

Hackers use different methods to hack the phone, and brute force is one of them. Phone hacking can occur on every phone, including iPhones and Android. Anyone can be the victim of phone hackers; hence you need to know how your phone can get hacked.

How Can The iPhone Be Hacked?

Apple has constantly been working on protecting its devices from hackers. As iPhones are always on the top of the best phone list, to maintain its company’s name and its position on the market, Apple is concerned about its security. 

The number of hackers is skyrocketing; they are gaining lots of knowledge about technology while hacking devices. No matter how much device security force Apple employs, hackers will always have a way to hack iPhones. Here I have listed some of the ways how your iPhone can get hacked:

Spy Apps

There are many spying apps present in the market which can extract your information secretly. Information like location, text messages, passwords, multimedia, and call logs can get tracked from such applications. It’s like using a second phone without having it physically in your hand.

With spy apps, you can virtually use or keep track of other devices without the phone owner knowing about it. Parents mostly use spy apps to monitor their kids, to know about their device activities and their whereabouts. But if good spy apps are not used, it leads to an increase in chances of getting your iPhone hacked.

Open wifi Networks

The next cause of an increase in the danger of device hacking is open wifi. If you get any public wifi without any encryption, then there is a high chance of your data leaked. 

Whenever you see strong wifi without a password, you should not get excited and join it. It would be best if you were cautious because the hacker can extract your information through traffic. If you are checking your social media and bank account, you are putting yourself at risk.


Phishing is a common method among hackers to extract information. Hackers can create look-alike websites and convince you to login into unknown sites. Also, hackers can claim themselves as working members of a company and ask for your details.

And once they get all your details, it becomes easier for hackers to hack your device. Through phishing, hackers can even spread malware and viruses on your device. 

Charging Stations

If you are outside your home and need to charge your phone, be careful of charging stations that have their wires. Likewise, don’t plug into someone’s computer, or you might get yourself hacked. Hacking through USB ports is also known as “juice jacking”, and it happens commonly around airports, cafes, hotels, etc. Many hackers are installing malware and viruses via changing cable and stealing your data. 

Weak Encryption App

Apps that have weak encryption algorithms can make it easier for hackers to collect your data. Poor security applications can leave a backdoor open. Hackers can get access to all the personal data through the backdoor.


Any unknown wireless connection can harm your device. Researchers have found a vulnerability in android nine that allows hackers to collect your data through Bluetooth. Hackers can attack your Bluetooth connection by tricking you into pairing with their device by giving names like Airpods. When you turn on your Bluetooth in public places, hackers can connect to your Bluetooth and send you some spam messages. Once you click on the messages, they can steal your data. 

Hence, it is better not to turn on your Bluetooth whenever you are out in public places. Also, always put a password requirement for connecting your Bluetooth. 

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Six Symptoms To Tell If Your iPhone Is Hacked

Mobile phones are like a human body; if it’s acting strange and you think something is wrong, then chances are you are right. Here are some of the points which will help you to determine whether your iPhone is hacked or not.

A Decrease in Battery Life

If you see your battery getting drained more than the usual time, then there is a chance that your phone got hacked. The malware sent by a hacker may use your phone resources to scan the device and send it back to the hacker’s server. 

When some apps are running on your cell phone background, then it decreases your device battery. Even if you close all the apps, hackers might be using them virtually, resulting in battery drainage. 

Outgoing Calls or Text You Didn’t Send

If your colleagues have received some weird message from you that you didn’t send, then it is a sign that your phone got hacked. Either way, if you are getting some strange text messages, then it’s a sign that something is wrong with your phone. You may have experienced it on your social media only, where random messages are sent from your account without your knowledge. Well, it’s because of hackers. 

Mystery Pop-ups

Some websites use pop-ups to view certain pages that drive revenue through clicks. But certain pop-ups redirect to phishing links that attempt to get your sensitive information or lead you to download malware.

Suspicious Activity on Accounts

If you have an unusual activity that you don’t remember, then you have got hacked. You can see unusual activities like resetting a password, sending emails, or signing a new account. If a hacker has access to your mobile phone, it can access every account of your device. In the worst case, you can’t even access your device. 

More Usage Data

Most of us don’t use all the internet data in our daily life. But if you are losing your internet data more than usual, then something is going fishy. If you have got hacked, then hidden software uses your internet data to collect your information and download malware. 

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What To Do During a Phone Hack?

Talk With Friends And Family

It would help if you let them know about your phone hacking so that they can keep an eye out for phishing. Likewise, if you have some tech-savvy friends or family members, then they might help you when you talk about your problem. Your friends and family might get scammed when your phone is hacked, so let them know about it to make them aware. 

Contact The Police

The best thing to do after a phone hacking is to contact the police. It is a good idea to corporate and offer them all the required data. If someone hacks you, then it’s against the law. With the help of the police, you can recover your account.

When you take help from the police and get the criminal arrested, they cannot harm other people. For instance, if your phone gets hacked and you do not inform anyone, the hacker can get more confidence to hack other devices.

Check If Any Changes Made On The Recovery Option

After hacking, hackers may know or change recovery options. Through recovery options, it would be easier for hackers to gain access to your account again. So, remove any suspicious recovery method and update your account.

Activate Two-Factor Authentication

Having two-factor authentication is a good practice to get rid of hackers. You should activate two-factor authentication in your account to double your security level.

Make sure you activate two-factor authentication available on all the apps and social media. You can usually find two-factor authentication on banking apps, e-commerce sites, and social media, where you store your sensitive information.

Check All Associated Accounts

If you change your email password after phone hacking doesn’t mean your data is safe. You need to check all the accounts associated with your hacked emails. If you use the same password for other accounts, then you need to change it. You need to check all your accounts to be assured that the hacker has not made any damages to any of your accounts.

Deauthorize Apps Able To Access These Accounts

Some weak algorithm apps could make your device hack. It is best to uninstall such infected apps to get rid of future hacks. Sometimes, when your device gets hacked, the hacker can link your social media account with their own and use it in the future. Hence to prevent such situations in the future, you should deauthorize such apps. 

Block Your Credit Card

If your credit card got hacked by a hacker, then block it as soon as possible. Contacting your bank to block your credit card is the best idea after hacking. Do not forget to check your bank statement and know if the hacker has made any expenses or transferred funds to their account.

How To Prevent Phone Hacking?

  • Stay away from unknown and infamous apps. Always look at the reviews and research before installing it.
  • Keep your mobile with you all the time. Theft could result in phone hacking. If you keep your phone with you, then it becomes harder for hackers.
  • Use strong passwords with different characters. Don’t use guessable PINs like your birthday, phone number, or basic numbers like 1234. Use strong passwords that consist of different characters. Also, don’t use the same password in more accounts.
  • Don’t store passwords on your device. Remembering every account’s password is hard. So it would be best if you used apps like Kaspersky password manager to store all your credentials.
  • Clear your internet history every day. Internet history stores all the activity done by you on the internet. So, it is necessary to clear everything, including cookies and cache.
  • Keep all apps up to date. Every app consists of bugs which makes it easier for hackers to extract information. So, it would help if you keep your apps updated. Updates give you bug fixes that protect you from risks.
  • Be cautious with public wifi. Connect public wifi with a Virtual Private Network (VPN). Using public wifi can exploit your device. So you need products like VPN to browse safely.


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Here are some of the ways to identify if your device has been hacked or not. I hope this article will help you to identify if your device is being hacked. If you have some more ways to identify how to know if your iPhone is hacked, please feel free to mention them in the comment section.

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