How To Add Members In WhatsApp Group Without Admin

Add members in whats app group without admin

WhatsApp groups are becoming more and more famous these days. As a result, many users want to have a group chat where they can have conversations with more than one member of their contact circle. 

You may want to add someone to a WhatsApp group. However, the admin is too busy to do so or simply does not care about it. In that case, you need a surefire way to add someone in your WhatsApp group without admin. 


WhatsApp is one of the most popular messaging applications in the world. It is a reliable and effective method to communicate with your friends and family. 

Of the many WhatsApp features, creating a group for messaging and calling is one of the most prominent ones. This feature allows one to create a group and add members to it. The members of the group can then talk and chat with one another via the group. 

You can add up to 256 participants to one WhatsApp group. However, the addition of new members can only be done by the group admins. This makes it inconvenient for you if you think one of your contacts is fit for the group and want to add them to your group. 

You, as a group member, need to ask the admin to invite the participant to join the group. So, if you want to add 4 members to your WhatsApp group, you have to ask the admin 4 times. Now, consider what to do for 40 members. Inconvenient, right?

So, here is a method with which you can add members to a WhatsApp group without admin. 

How can you add members to a WhatsApp group without admin?

Since only the admin of a group can add new members to a WhatsApp group, it becomes very difficult for other non-admins to do it. However, WhatsApp has introduced a feature called an “invite link” through which one can invite someone to be a member of their WhatsApp group. 

However, before we begin, you must understand that your group admin will always have some sort of control over the group members that can be added to the group. It means that you cannot add any new members without the knowledge of the admin

To add members to a WhatsApp group without admin, you need an invite link. However, the invite link can only be generated by the admin

So, first, the admin generates the invite link and shares them with the group. Then you, as a non-admin, can use that link to invite other members to your WhatsApp group without becoming the admin yourself. 

Creating an invite link is a simple process. Just follow these steps. 

Step 1: Open your group. 

Step 2: Tap on your group name for a few moments. Then scroll down to the “Participants” section. 

Step 3: In the Participants section, you will see a list of participants, along with an “Invite via link” option. Tap on that option. 

add members in whatsapp group without admin through invite link

Step 4: WhatsApp will generate the invite link that can be shared anywhere. 

invite link for adding members

Once the admin shares this invite link, you can use this link to add new members to your WhatsApp group without admin. 

The participant will get your invite link along with the group name and other participants. There will also be an option to join the group. After clicking on the option, WhatsApp will verify the link, and after successful verification, the participant will now become a group member. 

Method 2: Using the QR Code

There is also the option of using a QR code to add participants to your WhatsApp group. 

For the QR code, you follow the same steps as that of the invite link. 

However, instead of sending the link to the individual you want to add as a group member, you send the QR code instead. 

qr code for adding members in whatsapp group

After the admin takes the screenshot of the QR code and shares it with the group members, you, as a group member can then use that QR code to invite other members to the WhatsApp group without admin. 

You can also add members to your WhatsApp group by becoming an admin. Just ask your group admin to make you an admin as well and you can add any individual to the WhatsApp group. 

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Now you should be able to add members to your WhatsApp group without admin. I hope you found this article helpful. And if you have any queries, suggestions, or confusion, you can send them via the comment section below. 

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