Top 10 Infinity Blade Game Alternatives for Android

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Infinity Blade is one game that has sparked a lot of interest among gamers. Since they wanted to concentrate on their next game project, the developers chose to delete this trilogy. And there’s no way this game will come back. It’s no wonder, though, that when this iOS game was removed from the app store, gamers raced to the internet to find a replacement.

There’s no question that this iOS RPG game was a success. Only another Android Simulation Game will take its place. The names of some fantastic games that can replace the Infinity Blade saga and give you a similar experience are included in this article. Here are the top 10 Android games close to Infinity Blade in 2021.

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Top 10 Alternatives to Infinity Blade Game

  1. Blood & Glory: Legend
  2. Dark Meadow: The Pact
  3. Horn
  4. Dragon Slayer
  5. I, Gladiator
  6. Darkness Rises
  7. Goddess Primal Chaos
  8. Death Dome
  9. Dragon Project
  10. Rage of the Gladiator

Blood & Glory: Legend

Blood and Glory is the best fighting online game which contains a series of combats. As a fighting game, this game contains many similarities and concepts like Infinity Blade. This game contains a motion comic storyline that will take you on a journey. This game provides free money and equipment every day and combat leads to earning a big bonus. It offers realistic graphics which makes your user experience great.

Infinity Blade has some bad things like having unrealistic plots which Blood and Glory correct. The battle goes right into the gladiatorial arena in this game. It also offers many new arenas like Viking Ship, Neptune Temple, and more. The battle will remind you of combats of ancient roman gladiators.

You will take the character of gladiator and battles with fighters like women warriors, giants, and gladiators. It allows you to interact with each other through chat rooms. It is a free app but you can buy some items. This game is not made for children as it contains blood and violence. You can disable in-app purchases through a little change on your settings.


  • Challenging tournaments
  • Provides daily bonus
  • Great comic storyline
  • Contains stunning graphics
  • Provides new arenas and enemies
  • Interact with other gamers through chat rooms

Dark Meadow: The Pact

Dark Meadow: The Pact is a great role-playing action game and was awarded as the game of the year. No doubt, it has the best and unique storyline that will keep every gamer hooked. This game will take you on a mysterious journey. The game contains a dark mystery with an unrealistic environment that you have to unfold one after another.

The storyline of the game starts like our protagonist wakes up in an abandoned hospital with no memory of how, where, or why he got there. So, to find the answers to all of these questions, you’ll have to navigate a dark and dangerous world filled with obstacles from which you will never be able to escape. The interesting thing about this game is that it will give you a fairy tale vibe. It narrates the story with clunky dialogue and weird jokes.

The main target of this game is to destroy the bad creatures. You will get to see many new mysteries and witches as you play the game. Here, you can use long-range weapons which will help you to defeat monsters. You can attack, block, and dodge sliding your finger over the screen and defeat enemies. The visual work of this game is great.


  • Role-playing action game
  • Mysterious journey with a unique storyline
  • The surreal environment developed with unreal 3 engine
  • Great visual work
  • Provides long-range weapons

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The Horn game is developed by Phosphor Games Studio inspired by the Infinity Blade game. The game’s name is taken from the main protagonist’s name, Horn. The gamer will take this name during the game. Being inspired by Infinity Blade, Phosphor Games Studio replicated the combat. But also added great touchscreen controls with the role-playing game setting for the gamers.

The story starts when everyone in Horn’s village transforms into monsters. Now, Horn must demonstrate his abilities to lift the curse. He’s a commoner who works as a blacksmith’s pupil. However, destiny and the passage of time transform him into a hero.

It’s a rich and spicy game from the lush graphics and amazing art design to the satisfyingly close combat. Touching items like drawers, cabinets, bookcases, and others will let you open them. Small green nodes on the ground indicate where you can go and lead you to the next section.


  • Great touchscreen controls
  • Role-playing game
  • Great graphics and amazing art design
  • Satisfying close combat
  • Great storyline with the main character

Dragon Slayer

Dragon Slayer is a game about the world of dragons and spells. It has great graphic works and will give you real-life fighting experience. It provides you a motion comic story about the journey of dragons hunting. It contains gigantic magical monsters which you have to kill using weapons. In this fantasy game world, you have to get spells and magic. If you play this game, it will give you a great experience like Infinity Blade.

Besides striking with weapons, you need to use your feet and shield during the fight to defeat the dragon. In this game, there are three ways to kill the dragons and they are ice, lightning, and fire. You can unleash powerful magic and cast deadly spells to avoid the flaming breath of the dragons. You can chat with other gamers through chat rooms.

You can upgrade to different magical equipment like cloak armor, gauntlets, and others. It doesn’t require any money as it is free to play but you can buy some items. Also, you can disable in-app purchases by making changes to your settings. This game is not made for kids as it contains violence and blood.


  • Magic-based combat game
  • Unleash powerful magic
  • Stunning graphics
  • Provides motion comic storyline
  • Upgrade to magical equipment

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I, Gladiator

I, Gladiator is the best game for experiencing the surreal sensation of a true gladiator war. The battles in this game are similar to those in Infinity Blade. If you want to win a battle, you must concentrate on all elements of the game including your wit, skills, and strategy. To clear every level, you must use the environment to your advantage and analyze the enemy’s weaknesses.

From this game, you can experience the true feeling of entering into a gladiatorial arena. During the game, you have to face human opponents and strong animals as well as have to escape from dangerous traps. This game allows you to change your armor which can make a great impact during the combat. It provides a storyline without repetition in Latin voice and also offers a powerful soundtrack for you. This game has great graphics which make you believe that you are holding a game console in your hands.

It is one of the best-paid games in thirty-four countries but now it is available free of cost. It provides a terrifyingly realistic gladiatorial combat and offers a great user experience. It offers you a unique combat style to fight different enemies at once. You can tear enemies into pieces if you master special strikes.


  • 3D combat with great control system
  • Offers different weapons and armor
  • Contain dangerous traps
  • Latin voice storyline
  • Great graphics
  • Powerful soundtrack

Darkness Rises

Infinity Blade and Darkness Rises have similar gameplay. It’s a hack and slash game as well. In this game, darkness has taken over the world, and ferocious demons have been unleashed. The main aim of this game is to destroy demons and return them to hell at all costs. The journey into the dark world starts with this game.

Darkness Rises is a ground-breaking Action RPG that contains amazing graphics. It also contains groundbreaking gameplay and brutal boss fights in the palm of your hand. It offers character customization which allows you to design and choose your characters such as Berserker, Assassin, Wizard, and Warrior.

This role-playing action game lets you right into the PvP arena where you have to combat other players. It provides a single-player mode that lets you face the demon on your own. In every level up, the battle goes more intense and also provides some great boss fights. You can explore dark dungeons on every level.


  • Character customization
  • Hack and slash
  • Single-player mode
  • Stunning graphics
  • Contains a storyline

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Goddess Primal Chaos

Goddess Primal Chaos is a 3D action-based RPG game that allows you to collaborate with other players. This android game is a good replacement option for Infinity Blade Game. You will be able to choose partners from three groups, they are Summoner, Bloodline, and Warrior.

The goal of all players will be the same regardless of who you choose to team up with. And the goal is to eliminate the supervillain Tyrant and save humanity from total annihilation. But, to do so, you and your teammates must travel back in time before his birth and kill the evil. As a result, this game contains time travel.

Here, you have to join forces with Goddess to abolish the monsters from the world. This alternative game is easy to control, has one tap combos, and provides a variety of gears, weapons, outfits, and mounts. It contains an original plot, challenging missions, and engaging fighting experience.


  • Choose multiple PvP modes such as 1v1, 2v2, 3v3
  • Easy to control, and one-tap combos
  • Original plot, engaging fighting experience, and challenging missions
  • Provides a variety of unique weapons, outfits, gears, and mounts
  • Join forces with your choice of team

Death Dome

Death dome is great gameplay that will repeatedly remind you of Infinity Blade. The setting of this game is a ruined city called Death Dome, which is now ruled by huge and horrible creatures. The storyline is about a ruthless virus that has infected the entire city. The mission of this game is to escape from this dreadful city.

The best part of this alternative game is its graphics. The graphics in this game will take you to a non-existent reality, but you will feel everything so real. Your survival in this game depends on the weapon you used. As a result, this app is not designed for children.

Here, you have to deal with many monsters as you level up so you have to learn new techniques and skills to take down the enemies. Fire, lightning, and wield acid are available for you to kill enemies. You can play with multiple players and chat with them in chat rooms through the network connection. This alternative game is free to use but you can buy some items to get a better experience.


  • Provides in-app purchase to buy some items
  • Contains dreadful and fearsome enemies
  • Evolving combat
  • Provides many weapons and armors
  • Play with multiple people and chat with them

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Dragon Project

Dragon Project is an award-winning monster slayer game that is a great option for all the gamers who miss the experience of Infinity Blade. It is entirely based on strategy and allows you to play with the other players. A group of heroes has joined together to defeat monstrous dragons and huge creatures. One of them will be the gamer.

A difficult challenge will appear one after the other, and you must face them using skills and tricks. You can get magical weapons to take down the enemies easily. This alternative game contains easy controls and great 3D graphics. You will get rewards for performing daily missions and different tasks inside special events or in story mode.

The main aim of this game is to take down all the evil creatures like in the Monster Hunter Saga. The mission is not only to take down enemies but also eliminate other characters controlled by online users or artificial intelligence. To kill powerful enemies, you have to upgrade your equipment and weapons.


  • Team up with more than 3 players
  • Provides magical weapons, upgraded weapons, and equipment
  • Difficult challenges
  • Easy controls and great 3D graphics
  • Rewards for daily missions and different task

Rage of the Gladiator

Rage of the Gladiator is the best android game to play if you want to play Infinity Blade with a mythological theme. The creatures that you will face are mostly mythological figures. The more you progress, the more difficult opponents you will face. As the game level up, you will have to face off many different sorts of mythological figures such as Demon, Medusa, Orc, Minotaur, and Beholder.

Being a first-person action game, you will take the role of a gladiator and demonstrate your arena skills. You can choose your choice of armor and also have the advantage of changing your size. You will get two buttons, left and right to dodge, two buttons to use potions, a button to block, and the main button to attack monsters with different weapons.

Rage of the Gladiator is a fantastic action game with stunning graphics and a control system that is perfectly suited to touch screens. After completing the main adventure in Rage of the Gladiator, you’ll be able to unlock new difficulty levels. Then you can replay the same story but with much more difficult opponents.


  • Contains mythological theme and storyline
  • Great graphics and touch control system
  • Provides different weapons, shields, and potions
  • Difficulty levels with different enemies
  • Choose your choice of armor and body size

Final Thought

Many gamers all over the world kept a special place in their hearts for Infinity Blade. Many people were disappointed when the game was no longer available. You can’t even play this game on a computer and was never released on the Android platform. Many game companies have succeeded in making games that are similar to the Infinite Blade. 

I have tried to include some of the best alternative Infinity Blade Games for Android devices. If I forgot to mention some of your best alternative Infinity Blade games, then feel free to mention them in the comment section.

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