Best GPU Overclocking Software

gpu overclocking software

When your PC or laptop becomes slow and you lack the budget to upgrade the components. What can you do to improve the performance of your PC without spending any money? There is only one solution, overclocking. Components such as the GPU, CPU, and RAM can easily be overclocked.

Overclocking a storage drive has no measurable impact. They used to run at 5400-7200 RPM a decade ago, and they still do today. Using third-party software can be a little more difficult, but it is not impossible. Overclocking can increase the overall performance of your computer by 25-30%. Given that this power boost can be obtained without spending any money, it is worth trying. There are e-guides and video guides available to assist you in overclocking your devices.

The temperature is the most important factor to consider. You must be familiar with the heat-sink and its function. Almost all motherboards include a temperature sensor that detects heat released by the CPU. To obtain real-time temperature data, you can use any software or BIOS.

Keeping CPU temperatures within acceptable range is a must to ensure that your system does not crash while overclocking. Check your processor’s acceptable temperature limits right here. Let’s get started with the most reliable, popular, and effective overclocking software available these days.

Best Overclocking Software

  1. MSI Afterburner
  2. EVGA Precision X1
  3. RiveTuner
  4. Nvidia Profile Inspector
  5. ASUS GPU Tweak II
  6. ZOTAC FireStorm
  8. ATI Tray Tools

MSI Afterburner

Among all MSI Afterburner is the most popular GPU overclocking software at the present. It is a free and dependable software developed by MSI that works with non-MSI graphics cards. It provides many features including GPU overclocking such as a custom fan profile for a perfect balance between temperature and performance. Also, you will get real-time reports of GPU usage, voltage, clock speeds, and temperatures.

The latest update of MSI Afterburner includes an overclock scanner that detects the most stable overclock settings for your graphics card. It supports almost every graphics card and allows you to adjust fan speed and GPU voltage. With the help of this brilliant software, you can overclock GPU from EVGA, MSI, and even Nvidia for Windows PCs. Through this software, you can record your gameplay’s audio and video. If you are looking for software to overclock your GPU, you should definitely try this software.


  • Compatible with almost every graphics cards
  • Offers fan speeds controls and overclock scanner
  • Allows you to adjust GPU voltage
  • Allows you to record video and audio gameplay
  • Provides details of core voltage, temperature limit, and memory clock

EVGA Precision X1

The EVGA Precision X1 is the most recent and updated version of EVGA’s overclocking software. It has a user friendly interface that is designed to make overclocking easier for first-time users. This software is only intended for NVIDIA-based video cards. It also supports LED sync and NV Link bridge with other EVGA’s RGB supporting devices.

This software’s on-screen display is very user-friendly. It displays all of the critical specifications such as clock speed, voltage, and temperature. The profiling feature allows for the storage of up to ten distinct profiles with hotkeys. This software only supports the GeForce RTX cards. Developers are working on releasing a new update with GTX support.

Precision X1’s OC scanner is the next-generation stress testing utility featured with more options and test modes. The OC scanner will help you realize your graphics card’s full potential. All of these features prove that Precision X1 is the best overclocking software for NVIDIA video cards.


  • Real-time performance and user-friendly interface
  • Profiling features allows for the storage of up to ten distinct profiles with hotkeys
  • OC scanner unleashes full potential of your graphics card
  • On-screen display clock speed, voltage, and temperature
  • Supports LED sync and NV Link bridge


RivaTuner is one of the most popular GPU overclocking apps. This software can be used to tweak and manage your system’s RAM, performance, and fan speed. It is compatible with most of the Nvidia GPUs and a limited number of AMD graphics cards. It may not be visually appealing as EVGA Precision or MSI Afterburner but it is powerful and capable GPU overclocking software.

This software allows you to create profiles for various applications that you run. The software provides low-level hardware access for more accurate system profiling. It has real-time hardware monitoring capabilities that keep an eye on your system performance. The patch scrip engine and built-in registry editor distinguish NVIDIA GPU performance-tuning and overclocking software apart.


  • Manages system’s RAM, performance, and fan speed
  • Real-time performance and monitors temperature
  • Supports both 30-bit and 64-bit version of Windows
  • Compatible with most of the Nvidia Graphics cards
  • Allows to create profiles for various applications you run

Nvidia Profile Inspector

The Nvidia Profile Inspector is a free and lightweight software developed by a third-party developer for use with their range of GPUs. It is a useful application that reads GeForce graphics card driver and hardware information. The 129 KB software includes all of the functionality required by GPU users to track the performance of their Nvidia GPUs. Within its three tabs, you can monitor the performance of your GPUs and fans and manage your fan speed and GPU overclocking.

The software detects your graphics card and creates an in-depth profile of your GPU and its current configuration. According to your requirement, you can customize the GPU frequencies. You can also control the fan speed or use the automatic mode. It has a user friendly interface with an application that will rely entirely on NVIDIA drivers, so you should download it from NVIDIA’s website WHQL-certified driver.


  • Reads GeForce graphics card driver and hardware information
  • Detects your graphics card and customize the GPU frequencies
  • Allows you to create an in-depth profile of your GPU
  • Control the fan speed or use the automatic mode
  • Clean User interface


ASUS GPU Tweak II is a high-end graphics card optimization tool developed by ASUS. The software includes many performance modes such as the gaming mode, the overclock mode, and the silent mode for fast optimization. This overclocking software gives you the ability to create custom profiles by optimizing several aspects of the hardware such as GPU voltage, power target, fan speed, memory clock, GPU boost clock, and much more.

This software has a simple user interface with a red and black background. The dual user interface, Simple and Professional, provides separate interfaces for novice and experienced users. It provides a unique gaming booster feature that eliminates unnecessary processes. Also, it has features like an OC scanner for auto overclocking and a new on-screen display interface. But it supports only ASUS graphics cards and requires the latest drivers.

With the premium price you pay for the software, you can get the ability to turn off windows processes and services automatically, turn off windows visual effects, and defragment your memory. You can record or stream gameplay with an XSplit Gamecaster premium license. As you play, a performance overlay displays GPU clock speed, real-time temperature, and VRM usage.


  • Simple user-interface with a red and black background
  • Allows you to create custom profiles
  • Provides a unique gaming booster that eliminates unnecessary processes
  • OC scanner for auto overclocking and a new on-screen display interface
  • Offers three distinct modes to get separate requirements and performance

ZOTAC FireStorm

ZOTAC FireStorm is an advanced GPU overclocking software developed especially for Nvidia GPUs. You can get GPU monitoring capabilities in this overclocking software, allowing you to keep track of fan speed and GPU temperatures on your ZOTAC GeForce series graphics card. Advanced users can use FireStorm to monitor the GPU load, voltages, and available GPU memory of their ZOTAC GeForce series graphics card.

Now, it’s updated features and user interface support multiple graphics cards in SLI mode. Not only does it allow you to overclock your graphics card, but it also allows you to overclock your memory, fan speed, and adjust voltage. BIOS save, custom profiles, and hardware monitoring reports are also available.


  • Supports multiple graphics cards in SLI mode
  • Allows you to overclock your memory, adjust voltage, and fan speed
  • Custom profiles and BIOS save
  • Full control over GPU
  • Available of hardware monitoring reports


The SAPPHIRE TriXX software was developed and optimized to maximize the performance of the SAPPHIRE Graphics card. It has an easy-to-use interface and a powerful engine, allowing you to get the most out of your graphics card. If you are new to GPU fine-tuning, you can use the two modes which are for high-performance and for silent running.

The software can overclock, fine-tune, and optimize. You can save the setting in a custom profile after modifying the GPU performance metrics. The software supports up to five profiles. Also, you can change your memory clock, GPU clock speed, and GPU voltage from it’s user interface.

This GPU overclocking software offers a hardware monitor feature and provides real-time updates on the system’s performance. Also, it provides a fan control feature that allows you to customize your cooling to meet the demands of overclocking.


  • Easy-to-use interface and a powerful engine
  • Two modes for high-performance and silent running
  • Supports up to five profiles
  • Hardware monitor and real-time updates
  • Fan control to customize your cooling

ATI Tray Tools

ATI Tray Tools is developed especially for ATI Radeon Cards that allows overclocking for ATI graphics cards. It also has a 3D output for checking for Artifacts and determining the best overclocking settings for your video card. Though the user interface is not as user-friendly as the other overclocking software, it includes fan control and temperature control.

You can create multiple profiles and save them as desktop shortcuts. This allows for instant overclocking based on software or personal preferences, which is especially useful for demanding games. Overclocking the VRAM is also possible with ATI Tray Tools.

This software requires the most recent drivers but takes up little storage space. You can also take screenshots using the on-screen display hotkeys and use this software in more than 20 different languages.


  • Fan control and temperature control
  • 3D output for checking for artifacts
  • Allows you to create multiple profiles
  • Allows you to take screenshots through on-screen display hotkeys
  • Acquires little storage space


There are many overclocking software apps available to help you tweak or completely overclock your devices like GPU, RAM, and CPU. While overclocking is not a difficult task, maintaining system stability can be thrown off by a single piece of irrelevant data. A safe overclocking procedure requires your undivided attention.

I recommend you to always download overclocking softwares from the authenticated websites. I hope you found this article meaning and helpful. Let us know which is your best overclocking software in the comment section.

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