10 Best SHAREit Alternatives You Should Try In 2021

SHAREit Alternatives

Often, we have to transfer files from laptops/desktops to our phones or vice versa. Most of the users currently connect the smartphone using a USB cable and transfer files. It is not a quick way to transfer your files. In such cases, having an app like SHAREit is quite helpful. However, SHAREit comes with its disadvantages. 

SHAREit pushes ads continuously, which is sometimes irritating, and people are searching for alternatives. The app is banned in various locations like India, and some cybersecurity firms found flaws in-app that attackers have been stealing sensitive files. There are plenty of SHAREit alternatives available you should try in 2021. You can use any file transfer alternative apps that are free, ad-free, work offline, and are secure. 

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What Is SHAREit? 

SHAREit is a free app used to share files and folders between two or more smartphones, PCs, and other devices like tablets. Lenovo developed the software application. The app can send various files such as photos, music, games, etc., to other devices without using an internet or Bluetooth connection. Instead, SHAREit uses its own private hotspot for file sharing. 

You can share files of all shapes and sizes among more than four devices using SHAREit. You can use SHAREit on Windows, iOS, Android, and Mac. Here are some apps you should check as SHAREit alternatives.

Best SHAREit Alternative You Should Try in 2021

1. Nearby Share

Nearby Share is Google’s mobile and desktop file transfer app to transfer data with various devices. It offers you the option to choose the protocol between Bluetooth, Peer-to-Peer Wi-Fi, WebRTC. 

The enable-feature on both the sender and receiver devices needs to be turned on for Nearby Share to transfer files. You can exchange images, videos, contact info, texts, music, and other data with this file-sharing application. The app allows users to reduce the sharing time as simple taps can do the file-sharing without the need for an internet connection.

Platform Available: Android, Chrome OS, Windows 10

Price: Free 


  • You can use it to send a file from desktop to mobile easily.
  • It is found built-in on Android phones and Chrome OS.
  • It is easy to use with a clean UI


  • It is not available on Mac OS and Linux.
  • It does not have advanced encryption features.

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2. InstaShare

InstaShare is a file-sharing software application like SHAREit that allows the sharing of various files among different devices. This app makes file-sharing very simple. By selecting the share button on the file and then choosing InstaShare, a pop-up will appear from where you can choose the list of the file you want to Share. Then, you select the device, and the app sends the file. 

Similar to SHAREit, InstaShare supports all the types of files you send/receive without limitation. So, when you try to send a few photos or a large project file to your friends, the app will get your work done in minutes. It also includes a clipboard sync feature that lets you share the hyperlinks or texts. However, after seven days of the free trial, you have to pay to continue using this file-sharing app.

Platform Available: Android, Windows, iOS, Mac

Price: $6.99 with a 7-day free trial


  • Easily share files across multiple devices.
  • It can cast multiple device screens in split-screen.
  • It supports all types of files and shares them with rapid speed.


  • You should pay to continue using the app after seven days.

3. Xender

Xender is a famous file-sharing app available for many platforms such as Android, Windows, iOS, etc. It is used to share files between PCs and other devices. Compared to other applications, Xender is slightly different, and it doesn’t have a standalone app for PC; instead, it uses a web app to transfer files.

It is straightforward to access Xender through Xender web or even Chrome extension. You can also visit the customized hyperlink it offers or scan the QR code. However, the app quickly transfers files without using too much of your bandwidth.

Platform Available: Android, Web, Windows, iOS

Price: Free 


  • It has cross-platform transfer and phone files transfer.
  • It has wireless transfer with no limit. 
  • File manager and fast file transfer.


  • Difficult UI to use

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4. Filedrop

Filedrop is a smart offering app that lets you share files with the same network. It is straightforward to work, which makes it stand out in the crowd. It allows you to share your files or folders with just one tap over taps. Filedrop has set no limitation on the file size that you are sharing. It is also able to perform the task reliably and safely. However, it doesn’t have an impressive-looking UI, but it works efficiently. Unlike SHAREit, it is not buggy and runs very smoothly. You can select the device you want to share the defiles with, then select the files from a built-in file manager, and within a few seconds, the app will transfer your files. 

Platform Available: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS

Price: Free 


  • The app runs fast and smoothly.
  • Filedrop has set no limit on sharing the files or folders.
  • It transfers files more quickly when connected to Wi-Fi.


  • The UI is not so good-looking.

5. Treble Shot

Treble shot is an open-source file transferring app that works on Android without an internet connection. You can send or transfer the data to another device on the same network or hotspot to receive files. It has a QR code system which makes it faster and reliable to use and can start a deep scan over the web. You can resume downloads if an error occurs from the same point.  

It is also an ad-free app and has a simple user interface. It helps you send any files on any situation with multiple devices at the same time. 

Platform Available: Android, Chrome

Price: Free 


  • Internet connection is not required to set up a hotspot and connect to it using a QR code.
  • It has a light UI and works faster than its rivals.
  • It shares folders for backup or another purpose.


  • The UI is outdated. 

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6. Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere is one of the most common file-sharing applications that can be a capable and efficient alternative to SHAREit. It transfers the files with the original size, which is pretty good for those who don’t want to destroy the actual size of their files. 

The app has a perfect security system as it offers a 6-digit security key to let you send or receive files. The link is valid for 48hours, and you can share it with multiple people simultaneously. However, it requires a solid connection to transfer the files. It has a good UI with reliable functions. The privacy of your data is very much protected with a 256-bit encryption protocol. It also contains ads; you need to upgrade it to the premium version if you want to remove them.

Platform Available: Android, Mac OS, Windows, Web, Linux, iOS

Price: Free and the premium version offers $5.99 per month


  • You can send your file anywhere in the world with a link.
  • It only sends the original size of the files.
  • You can share your files with multiple devices at a time.


  • It is expensive in comparison to other file transferring devices.
  • It requires a strong internet connection for sharing files.

7. Files by Google

Files by Google is a great file management app by Google, which takes less than 12MB of storage on the phone. Google offers it on Play Store, which is ad-free and bloat-free. It has many exciting features to help you clean your storage and even organize it in a better way. It doesn’t require an active internet connection for sharing music, videos, photos, documents, and even apps. This Files by Google is much faster and reliable than SHAREit. 

Google is one of the most trustworthy companies in the world regarding data privacy, so you don’t need to keep worrying about data privacy. It provides 480 Mbps speed to transfer data which makes it the fastest file sharing app. It supports all types of files and comes with an integrated ‘cleaner,’ which helps to remove larger files or duplicate files.

Platform Available: Android

Price: Free


  • The app has a very light and clean UI which is easy to use with ads-free.
  • It supports offline data transfer. 
  • It is the fastest file-sharing app supporting all types of files.


  • It is only available on Android.

8. Snapdrop

Snapdrop is an online file-sharing simple platform yet similar file-sharing protocol like SHAREit, which allows you to share files over the same network. It is a bulk file transferring app. You can share videos, photos, apps, music, and other files within the same device as cross-platform sharing. You can share your files between Android and Windows, Android to Android, etc. 

Snapdrop is a straightforward way to share data on devices with no restriction on the size of the file. It is clear to use as it doesn’t require much configuration but requires an internet connection. Being an open-source app, it is reliable and safeguards your data while sharing files.

Platform Available: Web-only

Price: Free 


  • It has very reliable and trustable functions.
  • It has a clean UI and is easy to use.
  • A straightforward way to share data with no restriction on size.


  • It requires a fast internet connection.

9. Windows Nearby Share

Windows Nearby Share is a Microsoft-introduced file-sharing feature. If you have a Windows device and are looking for a file-transferring service, Windows Nearby Share is a good option. It is a relatively new file-sharing tool, updated in April 2018. It is not meant for Android or iOS devices. The devices for file sharing need to be on the same Wi-Fi network, and your Windows should be running for sharing the files.

If you don’t know how to use Windows Nearby Share,

  • Go to Settings -> system -> Shared Experiences
  • Click on “Nearby Sharing.
  • Once it’s turned on, you can share your file and folders.

Platform Available: Windows 10 only


  • It works on any apps with the Share function, such as photos or file explorer.
  • It is reliable and gives consistent performance.


  • It is only available on Windows devices.
  • The transfer speeds are not so good compared to SHAREit.

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10. Zapya

Zapya is also a well-known sharing application that is available on all platforms. It has a free app that allows you to share all types of files or folders from your PC to phone, phone to PC in a similar network without Wi-Fi. 

Zapya is 200 times faster than Bluetooth during file sharing. When it comes to the size of the shared files, Zapya has no restrictions. It is not very simple to use, but it works very efficiently. It offers Windows client, web app, and QR code sharing methods, making it stand out. The different features of Zapya make it easier to transfer video, photos, music, apps, and other files. It is designed for cross-platform sharing, such as Mac OS to Windows.

Platform Available: Android, Windows, iOS, Mac OS, Web

Price: Free 


  • It makes group transfer easy.
  • It comes with offline chat with five devices.
  • Accessible in transferring bulk files.


  • Sometimes Ads can be annoying

Summing Up

SHAREit is a good app that lets you transfer your files and folders, but it runs a maximum number of ads, which irritates people. This is the list of apps you can use as an alternative to SHAREit. These apps can give you impressive performance along with pretty easy file sharing functionality than SHAREit itself. You can choose the alternatives to transfer your files or folders from any platform quickly. We recommend you download some of these trusted file-sharing apps if you want an alternative to SHAREit.

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