Steps To Fix- Can’t Take Screenshot Due To Security Policy

Can't Take Screenshot Due To Security Policy

Screenshots come in handy when doing many things on your smartphone. Whenever you want to take a reference of something later on or want to share data and information with your friends, you take a screenshot. So, it becomes a problem if you cannot take a screenshot easily. 

Android smartphones often show you a message that says, “Can’t take screenshot due to security policy.” Why does this happen? And how do you get around it to take a screenshot? That is what we are going to discuss in this article. 

Why does it show “Can’t Take Screenshot Due To Security Policy” on your phone? 

There are various reasons you will get the message of not being allowed to take screenshots due to security policy. Some of these reasons are: 

1. Chrome Security Policy

This policy applies in the Incognito Mode of Google Chrome. The Chrome Incognito Mode is a private and relatively secure way of browsing the internet. You use the Incognito mode in Chrome whenever you do not want your browsing history or search results to be recorded. 

chrome incognito mode

Unfortunately, due to the security concerns over privacy, the Chrome Incognito mode does not allow screenshots to be taken. So, whenever you try to take screenshots from your Android smartphone while on Chrome Incognito mode, it will show “Can’t take screenshot due to security policy”. 

2. Apps Policy

a. High-security apps like medical, banking, and financial apps

Some Android apps that deal with sensitive information such as your banking information, medical records, or financial accounts have restrictions placed on them that disallows any screenshots to maintain a high level of security and confidentiality.  

So, when you try to take screenshots while using these kinds of apps, you may get the message saying you can’t take screenshots due to security policy. 

b. Social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.

Often, different social media apps like Facebook and Instagram ban screenshots. And you may get messages like “Can’t take screenshots due to security policy” on Facebook or Instagram.  

As your profile data and conversations are private and sensitive information, they need to be kept safe. For this reason, sometimes, these apps will have a policy to prevent you from taking screenshots.  

Some apps like Snapchat even have a Screenshot alert feature that alerts you whenever someone has taken a screenshot of your conversation.

3. Phone Settings 

The cause of not being able to take screenshots might be the settings on your phone. Your phones might have some restrictions on taking screenshots. 

Some Android smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy 9 come with inbuilt restrictions of blocking screenshots during purchase. While in some cases, you may have installed a new app on your phone that prevents you from taking screenshots. 

4. Owner’s Policy 

You may be using your phone that was given to you by your school’s IT department, or you may be using the phone from your company. The screenshot might have been disabled in such cases due to your school’s or your workplace’s security policy. 

Ten solutions that solve the “can’t take screenshot due to security policy” issue

Here are the ten best solutions that you can use to bypass or solve the issue of not being able to take screenshots due to security policy.

1. Use Google Assistant 

Google Assistant is a great option for taking a screenshot if you are unable to do so otherwise. To take a screenshot from Google Assistant, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the app and open the screen which you want to take a screenshot
  2. Long tap on your smartphone’s home button and launch Google Assistant
  3. From the list of options, choose “Take a screenshot.”
take a screenshot using Google Assistant
  1. Or, choose the option “What’s on my screen.”
  2. Then tap on “Share a screenshot. 

Now, you should be able to take a screenshot of your screen using Google Assistant.”

2. Use Normal mode instead of Incognito mode on Chrome

If you use the Incognito mode on your Chrome browser, you cannot take screenshots. So, if you want to take screenshots, you have to use Chrome in normal mode and disable the Incognito mode. 

To disable the Incognito mode, you should close all the Incognito tabs that you have opened on Google Chrome. 

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3. Use Firefox Incognito Mode instead of Google Chrome

Sometimes, you may not want to store valuable browsing information or are concerned about some other privacy risk. In such a case, you need to use the Incognito mode, however as Chrome Incognito mode does not allow screenshots, you can simply change your browser. 

Instead of Google Chrome, use Firefox Incognito mode to take screenshots. Make sure to allow taking screenshots by turning on the “Allow screenshots in private browsing” in Firefox Private mode. 

In most cases, using Firefox Incognito mode will not create any problem except when there are screenshot restrictions on your phone itself. 

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4. Change your app settings

If you have some app restrictions that restrict screenshots from being taken, you need to remove them. Check if there are any restrictions placed for screenshots on your app settings. 

To check the permissions of your app, follow these steps on your smartphone.

  1. Go to “Settings” and scroll down to “Apps.”
apps on settings
  1. Choose the app to check for permissions. 
  2. Tap on “Permissions.
check permissions for apps

Check to see if there are any screenshot permissions disabled. If they are, enable them. 

5. Change your phone settings

Use this method if you have some settings on your phone that are preventing you from taking screenshots. You can also uninstall the apps on your phone that may be preventing you from taking screenshots. 

If you cannot take screenshots due to some account settings on your smartphone, you need to remove that account. These steps shall help you to remove an account from your device: 

  1. Go to “Settings” on your Android smartphone. 
  2. Scroll down and tap on “Accounts.” 
go to accounts on settings
  1. Choose the account you want to remove. 
  2. Tap on the three dots on the top right corner of your screen. 
  3. Tap on “Remove Account.” 
remove the account

6.. Take a picture from another device

This is a pretty simple way of getting things done if you cannot take a screenshot. Just take another phone and take a picture of the screen that you want to capture. Although not as good as taking actual screenshots, sometimes, this method might just be what you need. 

7. Use third-party apps

There are several third-party apps available on Google Play Store that you can use to take screenshots on your Android device. Apps like “Screenshot, Screen Recorder, Touchshot (Screenshot),” etc., all do the work. These apps can be very helpful sometimes as they manage to take screenshots when your default Android screenshot feature is not working.  

8. Contact your IT department

If your device was issued by your school or company that has prevented screenshots due to their policy, you should contact your school’s or company’s IT department about this issue. Depending on your request and the set policy, you might have your restrictions to take screenshots on your device removed. 

9. Record screen and capture screenshot

This is a very useful trick you can employ to take screenshots on your device. With this method, you record the activities on the screen with a screen recorder app. Then you watch the recording and pause when you need to take a screenshot, and then take the screenshot of that moment. 

10. Clear the storage on your phone

Sometimes you get the message saying, “Can’t take a screenshot due to limited space” or something similar. It generally occurs when your device’s memory is full. So, you should clear your device’s storage. 

And if you do not want to lose all of your data, you can get a new external memory for your smartphone and transfer all of your important files to the new memory before clearing out your storage. 

Now you can take screenshots on your smartphone by employing one of the methods listed above. Not all methods may work well for you; however, these methods are helpful to bypass the “Can’t take screenshot due to security policy” message on your device in most cases. 

If you ever want to take screenshots on your desktop, you can use various tools like the snipping tool, the print screen button, and other desktop apps that help take screenshots on your desktop PC. 

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How to protect your data while taking screenshots?

After knowing the methods to bypass not taking screenshots due to security policy issues, you may want to take screenshots of everything on your phone. However, you should be aware that the security policies restricting the screenshots are put there due to some reason. 

Before randomly taking screenshots on your smartphone, there are several things that you need to consider seriously. As cybercrimes are increasing day by day, you need to be careful in what kind of data you are storing on your phone. 

Consider this; you have taken a huge amount of screenshots showing your conversations, financial information, or login information for various sites and storing them on your phone. If by chance, some hacker manages to get into your device and steals all of your screenshots, then all of your private and sensitive information will be compromised. 

So, you have to be careful and consider these points before taking screenshots on your device. 

  • Be very careful while taking screenshots of your private information like login credentials, financial information, medical information, etc., 
  • Store your sensitive screenshots in a safe place.  
  • Do not take screenshots of anything you find suspicious on the internet. 
  • Contact the relevant enforcement agencies immediately if you find that your device has been hacked and is missing sensitive screenshots. 
  • Use password managers and security apps to manage sensitive information on your smartphone to prevent any loss of private and sensitive information. 

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In a nutshell, screenshots are very useful in your day-to-day internet activities. And not being able to take screenshots due to some security policy is very inconvenient. With the solutions listed above, you can now solve this issue and take screenshots on your device under most circumstances. However, be careful while taking screenshots and safely store them to prevent data breaches and the loss of sensitive information.

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