How To Delete Bookmarks On Google Chrome

Delete bookmarks on Chrome

When you have too many bookmarks cluttering your Chrome browser, removing some of them is a good idea. However, deleting bookmarks on Chrome is not as easy as adding them. As having many bookmarks may create confusion, the bookmarks of websites you do not typically visit need to be removed for you to make a fresh start.

 So, in this article, we will teach you the various methods you can delete bookmarks on your Chrome browser from the web browser to the browser app on your smartphone. 

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What Is A Chrome Bookmark? 

Chrome Bookmarks are a system that Chrome uses to save your webpage so you can find specific web pages easily in the future. 

With bookmarks, instead of writing down the name of the website on the address bar or searching for a website time and again from a search engine, you can simply click on the saved bookmark to go directly to that website.

When you have too many bookmarks on Chrome, you can manage and store the bookmarks in a folder. Or, more importantly, delete the bookmarks you do not frequently use. 

How Can You Delete Bookmarks On Chrome?

There are two ways you can delete bookmarks from Google Chrome. One way is to delete your bookmarks one by one manually directly. Another way is to use the Chrome Bookmarks Manager to manage your bookmarks. 

Delete Bookmarks On Chrome Directly

  • From the bookmark bar on Chrome,
  • Right-click on your bookmark site and click on “Delete.”
delete Chrome bookmark directly

This is a difficult and ineffective method for deleting a large number of bookmarks. As you need to delete bookmarks one by one, it will take a long time to delete all of them. 

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Delete Bookmarks On Chrome Using Bookmarks Manager 

Another way to delete your Chrome bookmarks is with the Chrome Bookmark Manager. The bookmark manager in Chrome is used to manage your bookmarks. 

Deleting your bookmarks through the bookmark manager not only gives you the chance to delete multiple bookmarks at once, but you can also delete bookmarks individually very quickly and delete the entire bookmarks folder. 

Here is how you use the bookmark manager to delete Chrome bookmarks. 

  • Paste “chrome://bookmarks” on the Browser URL Bar.  
Chrome URL bar
  • Or, on the bookmarks bar, right-click and select “Bookmark Manager.” 
bookmark manager through bookmark bar
  • Or, in the top right corner of your Chrome, click on the three dots.
  • Select “Bookmarks > Bookmark manager” to open the bookmark manager.
bookmark manager through Chrome settings
  • Click on the three vertical dots > “Delete” to delete that bookmark. 
delete single bookmark from Bookmark manager
  • To delete a bookmark folder, click on the three dots > Delete.
  • To delete all bookmarks at once, press “Ctrl +A” > Delete.

Delete Bookmarks From Chrome Smartphone Browser

  • Open Chrome Browser, and tap on three vertical dots in the top right corner.
  • Select Bookmarks. 
bookmarks on chrome browser smartphone
  • Tap on Mobile bookmarks to see all of your bookmarks. 
  • On the right of the bookmark, tap on the three dots > Delete.
delete chrome bookmark on smartphone
  • If you want to delete multiple bookmarks, first, long-tap on a bookmark,
  • Then, select multiple bookmarks.  
  • From the top right, tap on the delete icon to delete the selected bookmarks. 
delete multiple bookmark on smartphone

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Delete Bookmark Folder From Windows 

There is a bookmarks folder on your OS that will keep the saved bookmarks stored. If you want to delete this folder as well, then follow these steps. 

  • On your Windows computer, press “Windows+R” or,
  • Open the Run window from your start menu. 
  • Type “%LocalAppData%\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default” in the “Run” search box 
run menu on windows
  • Inside the “Default” folder, look for the Bookmarks file and Delete it.

After following all the steps from above, your bookmarks will be removed from Chrome permanently.

Remove Bookmarks Folder From Mac

The easiest way you can remove the bookmarks folder from Mac is through the command terminal. So, we suggest you follow these steps and use the command line to delete your bookmark folder from Mac. 

  • Open Terminal on your Mac by opening the Spotlight search or from the Apps list. 
  • Then, type the following line in the Terminal “cd~/Library/Application\Support/Google/Chrome/Default/
  • To remove the Bookmarks folder, type the “rm Bookmarks” command and press Enter.

Note: First you need to close all active Google Chrome tabs for this method. 

Moreover, this method will remove the bookmark only from your Chrome browser and not from other synchronized devices. 

If you want to add new bookmarks, you can simply click on the star icon in your Chrome browser after opening a webpage.

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Frequently Asked Questions On Chrome Bookmarks

Why do my deleted bookmarks reappear in Google Chrome?

Your deleted bookmarks reappear on Google Chrome mainly due to the problem of sync. When your Google account is synced to multiple devices, and you delete your bookmarks, your Chrome bookmark data sometimes will get corrupted. 

Why do your Chrome bookmarks disappear? 

There are several reasons why your Chrome bookmarks disappear. It may be due to updates of your Chrome browser or your OS., Or it may be the case of mistaken deletion of bookmarks. 

How do I restore deleted Google Chrome bookmarks on an Android device?

As the deletion is permanent, it is not easy to restore deleted bookmarks of Chrome. You can undo your bookmark deletion on Android for a few seconds after deleting them by tapping “Undo” on the small pop-up that comes up at the bottom of the screen after you have deleted a bookmark. 
You can also try and use recovery software like Tenorshare or EaseUS or use your browser history to restore your bookmarks. 

At the end 

To sum up, deleting bookmarks from Chrome means making a fresh start to your browsing activities. Whether you delete a single bookmark or delete all of them, the process of deleting them needs to be clear to you. The methods mentioned above will be of great help to you in removing the Chrome bookmarks from your browser web on desktop, your Chrome app on the smartphone, or from your hard drive on your computer. Please use the comment section below for any queries or suggestions. 

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