How To Delete Facebook But Keep Messenger

Delete Facebook but keep Messenger

Social media like Facebook has certainly changed our lives, but not necessarily for the better. Sometimes you get fed up with Facebook. So, you decide to delete your Facebook account. However, you still have some contacts with whom you share a conversation on important issues. So, you do not want to lose these contacts and their messages. In such cases, Facebook gives you the option to remove your Facebook account while keeping Messenger. 

Can You Delete Facebook Account While Still Keeping Messenger? 

There is no effective way to keep Messenger if you permanently delete your Facebook account. Deleting your Facebook account permanently means you lose everything, including your Messenger contacts. And there is no way you can get them back. You may also regret it later after permanently deleting your Facebook account. 

Since Facebook does not want you to delete your account permanently, you can just choose to deactivate your account instead of deleting them. Deactivating your Facebook account does not mean you are deleting it completely. However, the purpose is similar. You can call deactivation a temporary deletion of your account. 

After you deactivate your Facebook account, you will be hidden from your friends and the public. However, you will not lose access to your posts or friends list. Moreover, deactivation is simple, and you can continue to use Messenger after you deactivate your Facebook account. 

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Deactivate Facebook Account But Keep Messenger 

On Facebook Web browser

  • Go to and log in to your account.   
  • Go to Settings & Privacy > Settings from the top right corner.
  • Click on Your Facebook Information > Deactivation and Deletion.
facebook info
deactivation and deleting facebook
  • Click on Deactivate Account
deactivate facebook
  • You will need to type your password for security purposes and click on Continue
confirm password for deactivation
  • From the bunch of reasons given, choose a reason for deactivating your account. 
  • At the bottom, an option saying “Keep using Messenger” will be present. Tick on that option. 
Keep using Messenger and Deactivate Facebook
  • Or, if you are using other versions of Facebook, there is another option called “Opt-out of receiving messages on Messenger. ” Make sure that you DO NOT SELECT this option. 
  • Finally, click Deactivate.  

Now, you should be able to deactivate your account on the Facebook web browser while still keeping Messenger. 

On Facebook Mobile Browser

  • Open Facebook on your mobile browser. 
  • From the top right. tap on the three horizontal lines.  
three horizontal lines
  • Scroll down to tap on Settings
Settings on Facebook mobile browser
  • Again scroll down to Your Facebook Information section and tap on Account Ownership and Control.
acc ownership and control
  • Tap Deactivation and Deletion
acc deactivation and deletion
  • Select Deactivate your account and tap on Continue to Account Deletion
deactivate facebook acc from mobile browser
  • Enter your password and continue. 
  • Select your deactivation reason and tap Continue
continue deactivation
  • Now, choose the timeframe after which you want your account to be reactivated, and tap Continue
  • In the next window, Select Keep using Messenger under the Messenger section. 
Delete Facebook but Keep using Messenger
  • Finally, click on Deactivate your account
Confirm deactivation

Now, your Facebook account is deactivated from the mobile browser while your Messenger will still be running. 

On Facebook Mobile App

The process of deactivating your Facebook account on your mobile app is similar to that of your mobile web browser.

  • On your Facebook app, you first need to go to Settings and Privacy > Settings.
  • Then tap on Deactivation and Deletion to continue the process forward. 
  • The rest of the deactivation process is the same as that of your mobile web browser. 

You can also delete your Facebook app on your smartphone after deactivating your account through the web browser. This is a pretty simple process that helps remove any bombardment of notifications from Facebook on your mobile phone. 

However, deactivating your account is also a good option. After deactivating your account, it would appear as though you have deleted it, and as long as you keep Messenger open while deactivating, you can stay in contact with friends, relatives, or other individuals and perform important conversations with them through Messenger. 


Now, you should be aware of how you can deactivate your Facebook account while still retaining your Messenger app. Deactivating your Facebook account while still keeping your Messenger will improve your productivity by eliminating distractions from Facebook. Furthermore, it will also keep you in touch with your family, friends, relatives, work colleagues so that you can hold important conversations with them. Lastly, please mention any queries and confusion about this article in the comment section below. 

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