How To Delete A Reddit Account?

how to delete reddit account from laptop and mobile app

Reddit, with all its excellent features and popularity, is still mired in controversy. Reddit has done it all, from providing user data to third parties without their consent to encouraging racist and politically biased views. 

It is no surprise that while many individuals join Reddit, many also want to delete their Reddit account for various reasons ranging from privacy and security to personal issues. 

Reddit and dangerous digital issues to its users

Here are some of the digital issues and controversies from Reddit that its users have faced over the years. 

  1. In 2016, Reddit CEO Steve Huffman became stirred in political controversy when he admitted that he had removed Reddit posts or comments that had negatively criticized him.
  2. In the same year, Reddit deleted the ‘warranty canary’ from its transparency report. It suggests that the US government is now asking the social media forum to share their user data secretly.  
  3. In 2018, Reddit had its data breached. Although the data that was breached was non-critical user data, it goes to show the security system of the social media forum. 
  4. Again, in 2018, the Reddit CEO announced that racism is permitted on its platform. 
  5. In 2021, Reddit became involved in the Gamestop controversy, causing significant turmoil in the financial industry. 

The ones mentioned are only some of the recent examples of Reddit controversies. Over the years, the platform has been on many such disputes. Considering all these digital issues, it is natural that you would want your Reddit account deleted. 

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Delete Reddit account on the web browser (PC/Mac)

If you are using Reddit on your web browser on your PC or Mac, it is easy to delete your account. You can follow these steps to delete your Reddit account: 

  1. Go to Reddit in your web browser. 
  2. Click “Sign in” at the upper-right corner and log into Reddit if you are not logged in. 
  3. Next, Click on the drop-down icon beside your Reddit Username on the top right corner. 
reddit user settings
  1. Select “User Settings.” 
  2. Scroll down and click “Deactivate Account” on the bottom right of the page.   
deactivate reddit account on pc
  1. Enter your Reddit username and password. 
  2. This login is for security purposes to determine that you are indeed the account owner. 
  3. You can specify the reason for deleting the account (optional) in the feedback box. 
  4. Tick on the checkbox saying, “I understand that deactivated accounts are not recoverable.”
  5. Finally, click on “Deactivate.” 
delete a reddit account
  1. This process will deactivate/delete your Reddit account, and you or anyone else cannot use that account on Reddit anymore. 

Delete Reddit account on Smartphone (Android/iOS)

The best way for you would be to deactivate your Reddit account on your smartphone through the browser apps on your Android or iOS device. 

Deactivating your Reddit account through the browser app on your smartphone is hassle-free and easy. 

You open the Reddit website on your browser app, log in to your Reddit account and follow the same steps to deactivate your Reddit account as you did on the web browser. 

However, you cannot easily delete your account with the Reddit app as Reddit does not have the option to deactivate your Reddit account on the Reddit app like that on the browser. 

But sometimes, you may not have another choice than to delete your Reddit account through the Reddit app. In such a case, you need to employ a few tricks to delete your Reddit account. Note that this method is only feasible for old Reddit accounts.  

To delete your Reddit account from the Reddit app on your smartphone, follow these steps. 

  • Open the Reddit App on your smartphone.
  • Sign in to your Reddit account. 
  • Tap on your Reddit user icon on the top left corner. 
  • Scroll down and tap on Settings
settings on reddit app
  • Again, scroll down and tap on Help center.
help center nn settings
  • On the Reddit support page, type “deactivate account” and send.
  • From the list of options, choose “How do I Deactivate My Account?” 
deactivate your reddit account
  • On the newly opened page, tap on the “Deactivate” link under the “” to go to the deactivation page. 
old reddit account deactivate
  • Now, you need to provide your credentials and log in to your Reddit account again. 
reddit username and password
  • You can also state a reason for your account deletion. (This is optional)
  • Then, you should put the username and password of your Reddit account again 
  • Tick the confirmation box and Tap on Deactivate Account.

FAQ on Reddit accounts

Is Deleting and Deactivating Reddit account the same?

Yes, deleting and deactivating your Reddit account is the same thing. If you deactivate your Reddit account, your username and password, along with your profile, will be deleted. 

Can I rejoin Reddit with the same username after deactivating the account?

No, you cannot rejoin Reddit with the same username and password after deactivating your account. No one can use a deactivated account’s username and password to rejoin Reddit. 

  • Can I temporarily disable my Reddit account? 
  • Unlike several other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, Reddit doesn’t allow its users to delete/disable their accounts temporarily. Once you delete your Reddit account, it is gone permanently, along with all your discussions and links. 

    Can I delete my posts and comments after deleting my Reddit account? 

    No. your comments and posts will stay on Reddit after your account is deleted. If you have to delete your posts and comments on Reddit, be sure to delete them before deactivating your account. You shall not be able to do so after your Reddit account is deactivated.

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    Like any other online service, Reddit does not want to lose its users. So it is of no surprise that Reddit has made it a little difficult to delete a user’s account, especially on its smartphone app. Different users might have different reasons to delete their Reddit account. Some do it due to privacy concerns; some do it because they feel too hooked onto it, etc. Whatever the reason, it is essential to know how to delete your Reddit account in times of need. So, we hope that this article was helpful to you in understanding how to delete your Reddit account. Furthermore, if you have any queries, suggestions, comments, or confusion regarding this article, please feel free to address them in the comment section below, and we will try to respond as fast as we can.

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