How to Download Metacafe Videos in Android Mobile?

How to Download Metacafe Videos in Android Mobile?

Do you wish to watch your favorite Metacafe Videos offline, save or download the Metacafe videos on your android phone? If your answer is “YES” to any of these questions, then you’re in the right place.

Yes, it is a little problematic to download the Metacafe video on your mobile phone. Metacafe does not have a download option that implies you can’t directly download Metacafe videos for free. But don’t worry, Here I have mentioned the solution to your problem.

Is it possible to download free Metacafe videos on Android mobile?

Yes, of course, you can download Metacafe videos using a free android app, Pure All Video Downloader. Pure All Video Downloader is a simple and efficient video downloader that allows you to download and save videos and music from the internet.

Pure All Video Downloader- Free Video downloader auto detects video on social media and other video websites and makes all videos downloadable. You can choose different video resolutions, sizes, and formats for download.

The main features of Pure All Video Downloader are:

  • It is a free and fast video downloader and saver.
  • You can quickly download videos from different video streaming platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Vimeo, Metacafe, DailyMotion videos, and many more.
  • Pure All Video downloader auto detects your video once you play it.
  • It can download different video resolutions, sizes, and formats.
  • Pure All Video Downloader supports m3u8 video download.
  • Pure All Video Downloader supports conversion of videos to mp3.

Guide: Download Metacafe Videos in Android Mobile using Pure All Video Downloader

Let’s take a look at the instructions outlined below to Download Metacafe Videos in Android Mobile using the Pure All Video Downloader:

Step 1: Open the Metacafe videos on your Android mobile or browse to the Metacafe website.

You can watch Metacafe videos on the Metacafe website or in the Metacafe app. You may get Metacafe Official from Google Play Store and install it on your Android mobile devices.

Metacafe app and website page

Once you open the Metacafe app or Metacafe websites, search for the video you want or open the video you want to download. At the top right corner of the video, there are three dots. Click the dots and select the “Share” option.

Metacafe video page

After that, the share option is available. Click on the “Copy to clipboard” option. Then the “Copied to clipboard” message appears.

Metacafe video copy link

Step 3: Go to the Pure All Video Downloader app.

Once you got the “copied to clipboard message.” Close the Metacafe app or website tab. Go to the Pure Video Downloader app and open it. Click on the search panel and then tap there. You will get two choices to click on “Paste and Go.”

Pure Video Downloader

Step 4: Download the video. 

After selecting “Paste and Go,” it will direct you to the Metacafe video page will a download option available. At the bottom of the right corner, there is a download button click on that. The message box pops out with different options. Click on Download Button (The blue button). And finally “Added to the download queue” message appears. However, if you’re facing some errors, Check your internet connectivity or Reset Network Settings on your Android.

Pure All video download Process

Once the “Added to the download queue” message appears. Go to your mobile gallery to check whether the video you want is downloaded or not. After you go to the gallery, their folder name “PureVideoDownloader,” where the video you download using the app will automatically save. Now enjoy watching your favorite video wherever and whenever you want.

Pure All video download

How to install Pure All Video Downloader- Free Video downloader app on your android?

Take a look at the instructions outlined below to download and install the Pure All Video Downloader app on your android:

Step1: Search and Install 

Open the Google Play Store on your android mobile phone. Click on the search icon (on the top left corner of the screen). Type “Pure All Video Downloader” and click on the top-recommended one. Then, click on the “install” button.

Google Play store

Step 2: Open the app on your android mobile

After the completion of the installation process, the open button will appear on the screen. Click on that and get started. Click on “Allow” on the pop-up, and it is ready to use.

Pure All video downloader


What is Metacafe?

Metacafe is a superb short-form video site where video enthusiasts may view a variety of videos online. It is in a website and app both form that allows you to share videos. You can access it through different platforms, including PC, IPad, and Mobile phones (both Android and iOS). 

Metacafe has several similarities to other video-hosting websites, such as DailyMotion and YouTube, for several years. But, it has been transformed into a short-form video entertainment for all viewers. Metacafe is still famous in its sector, and people utilize it to watch short-entertaining videos.

What are the main features of the Metacafe free video-streaming application?

The main features of the Metacafe free video-streaming application are:

  • You can make your channel and run it.
  • In the app, you can upload and edit videos and galleries.
  • Create your audience and subscriber list.
  • Discover the most common and trending content on the internet. Search for new content creators.
  • On the Subscriptions page, you can see what users you subscribe to have recently uploaded.
  • To keep your content structured, build playlists.
  • People with whom you can connect and share, let them know what you think.

Can I make money using Metacafe?

Yes, of course, Metacafe is close to YouTube in that users can sign up for a free account and upload videos on a variety of topics. If your video receives 20,000 views, Metacafe offers a reward option for you, paying $5 for every 1000 views. This means that your video must have 20,000 views to earn $5 per 1000 views.

Can I use Affiliate Systems to make money out of Metacafe Videos? 

Yes, you can also make money from Metacafe Videos by using other affiliate systems. You need to choose a marketable product from the Affiliate Network and then produce the best review video for that product. And then, upload the video to Metacafe and include an Affiliate Link in the description.


Metacafe is a free video-streaming application that serves as a one-stop-shop for the most recent and influential video/gallery material. With the Metacafe new, influential, and trending tabs, you can find content quickly. Alternatively, you can check out its editorial choices and see what’s making you laugh.

As Metacafe does not have a download option, you can use Pure All Video Downloader. It will not disappoint you when it comes to downloading Metacafe HD videos. It allows you to download Metacafe videos for free on Android. Then, whenever you want, you may watch your favorite Metacafe videos on the go.

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