Firefox Lockwise vs Google Chrome Password Manager

firefox lockwise vs chrome password manager

Is a password manager safe? Are password managers trustworthy? It is a software application or a computer program that helps us store, generate and manage passwords for local applications. A password manager helps store your login information for all the website and applications you use and help you log into them automatically. We are going to discuss the inbuilt firefox Lockwise vs. chrome password manager.

A password manager helps generate and retrieve complex passwords, uses two-factor Authentication, and uses a master password, which helps provide better security. A password manager helps you remember your password and helps to get a lot of your time saved.

What is Firefox Lockwise?

.Firebox Lockwise is a Built-in password manager for the Firebox web browser. It is also a form manager for firebox that allows you to access passwords from any device. You can use it in operating systems IOS and Andriod. Firefox Lockwise was initially released on 21 May 2019 by Mozilla Corporation.

Firefox Lockwise contains high security with a built-in random password generator, one-click login, and automatic form filling using the data of stored entries. Creating a new password entry and editing and deleting other entries is also possible in Firefox Lockwise.

Lockwise is a secure password manager that uses standard encryption and thus securely stores passwords. The password can be stored locally on the user computer or centrally on Mozilla foundation’s infrastructure to enable device synchronization.

What Is Chrome Password Manager?

 Google password manager, known as a chrome password manager, is a free password manager tool available within the chrome web browser. You’re not required to download any app or browser extension as it is inbuilt in chrome.

It allows us to generate unique, secured passwords and check if the password you are using online has compromised. It helps keep a record of all the critical passwords, usernames, and payment methods we use online.

With a chrome password manager, all the data is safe and secured in your Google account and managed well.

Firefox Lockwise vs chrome password Manager

Both password managers are highly secured, generate unique passwords, and have a one-click login system for the user. If we want to compare two password managers, we have to list their features, pros, and cons. Let’s discuss the full details of both password managers.

Features of Firefox lockwise

The main features of Firefox Lockwise are listed below:

  • High security for password
  • Generation of robust and random password
  • use of fingerprint or pin to lock app and keep your password private
  • Helps in securing your information with an automatic timer that locks the apps
  • Breached website alert
  • quickly access
  • password security and access them anywhere
  • synchronizing all passwords on both mobile app and web browser.
  • The master password that protects other passwords
  • Built-in Firefox
  • free resource

Cons of Firefox Lockwise

The main cons of firefox lockwise are listed below:

  • Lacks key features
  • Glitchy
  • platform availability on only Mozilla firefox
  • Doesn’t support two-factor Authentication

let’s further compare it with the chrome password manager

Features of chrome password manager

  • Auto Detect and fill web forms
  • Autosave passwords as well as credit card numbers and addresses
  • password encryption: strong password creation
  • Accessible across every device that supports Google chrome
  • centrally manage your account info
  • work within the google echo system
  • No device restrictions
  • Quickly access

Cons of chrome password manager

  • Depend on ours computer’s local encryption system to encrypt sensitive data.
  • No Two-factors authentication available
  • Sharing of passwords is not available
  • limited functionality due to browser-specific use
  • No compatibility with apps, desktop software products,s or other browsers.
  • No option to upgrade for better services or options

Overview of Both password managers

Since I have been using both password manager firefox lockwise and chrome password managers, I found both very useful. Each of them has unique features and strengths.

Both the password managers have Quick access and are secured. Helps to remember your password and provides the features of a master password. Using another different version, of course, provide you other extra features and more security, whereas, in an inbuilt password manager, both are best to use.

Frequently Asked Questions- Firefox Lockwise vs chrome password Manager

  1. How to set up Firefox Lockwise?

Shortly there is four-step in which you can do setup lockwise.

Step 1: Sign up for Firefox Accounts

You need to sign up for a firefox account if you haven’t signed up yet.

firefox lockwise vs chrome password manager

Step 2: Sync your logins in Firefox

You can enable logins sync on firefox desktop so you can access your login across other synced devices.

  • Click on the menu and select sync
  • Select sync from the menu options to open the sync setting panel
  • Click on sync: on

Step 3: Install or set up Firefox Lockwise

  • Click the menu button to open the menu panel
  • Click password
  • The Firefox lockwise about: logins page will open from where you can add or manage logins and passwords.

Step 4: Enable auto-fill options

  • open the setting options
  • Tap Autofill passwords
  • select lockwise 

2. How to set up Chrome password manager?

  • Install the Chrome browser
  • Open the browser setting, click on the Autofill section, Then choose the “passwords” option
firefox lockwise vs chrome password manager
  • Click on Auto sign-in options.
firefox lockwise vs chrome password manager

3. Are Firefox Lockwise and Chrome password managers Safe?

Firefox lockwise mainly uses 256-bit encryptions to protect your password while syncing. It uses AES-256-GCM encryption, a tamper-resistant block Cipher technology. Meanwhile, firefox Lockwise checks your saved websites against a database of the breached websites to let you know if your logins are vulnerable. It also helps in generating unique and strong passwords for your websites.

Chrome password manager depends on your computer’s local encryption system to encrypt your sensitive data. No AES 256- bit Encryption used on it. The security is relatively weak compared to other paid versions of password managers but strong enough to handle tiny threads and breaches.

For the fast, one-click features to remember your password, you can surely use both password managers.

Alternative for firefox lockwise and chrome password manager?

Since Firefox lockwise and chrome, a password manager is both inbuild password managers; another alternative will be available on both paid and free versions. Here is the list of alternatives for both password managers.

Alternative for firefox lockwise:

Alternative for a chrome password manager

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A password manager helps in generating and retrieving complex passwords, store such passwords in an encrypted database. Depending on the password manager and its functionality, it can store passwords locally on the user device or through an online file-hosting service.

Firefox lockwise and chrome password manager are inbuilt password manager which helps In remembering our all password, login information, credit card number, and username. It is free of cost and provides many more functionalities than others paid versions.

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