How to Block Ads On Instagram?

how to block Instagram ads

Instagram is one of the most popular social media applications that provides some amazing features, making it popular among youths like other social media platforms. It not only allows you to take, edit, post, like, and share photos and videos but also allows you to follow your friends/family as well as celebrities and athletes to keep up with their posts. 

A large portion of Instagram’s revenue comes from showing ads that are considered to be relevant to you which sometimes may be disturbing and if you are wondering about how to block all the ads on Instagram or want to get rid of these sponsored ads on Instagram in android and iPhone, this article will help you out. 

How do ads pop up on your Instagram feeds?

Instagram keeps track of all your activity, location, and searches as well as search history periodically that helps them to analyze your preference and ends up showing you the relevant ads. Besides this, Instagram also keeps track of your activity on other websites belonging to the same company (Facebook) as well as third-parties sites and other apps you use. 

They are selling access to you rather than selling data directly. For example; if you have liked or shared the post about ‘’bags” or have recently googled about shoes then you are likely to see the ads with the same content on your Instagram feed and also might find the same ads on Facebook. 

Some ads may be beneficial for you but it is not always the same case. Sometimes your feed might get flooded with spam ads that you never want. 

The easy way to get rid of these ads is by choosing one of the best ad blockers on chrome which helps in banning unwanted ads in a pretty good manner. But it does not work in the case of Instagram. Instagram is a more mobile-based application than a web-based application. Here are some ways for blocking ads on Instagram.

How to block ads on Instagram in android and iPhone?

You cannot block all the sponsored ads completely or permanently on Instagram, however, you can minimize the appearance of ads on your Instagram feed by following a certain methodology. Generally, the most used method for stopping ads coming on your feed are Report ads or Hide ads. You can apply either of them. 

Method 1: Hiding Ads or Reporting Ads

  1. Open the Instagram app. Sign in, if necessary.
  1. Scroll up the feed. If you find any ads annoying, simply click on the top right button (having 3 dots)
  1. On clicking the button, you encounter some of the options such as
  1. Click on Hide ads. On clicking it, a question appears asking “why are you hiding this post?” and a list of reasons. You can simply click on any of them. As soon as you click, a below-shown dialog box appears.
  1. Or you can also click on Report ads. A similar type of question appears asking “why are you reporting this post?” and a list of reasons. Here also you can simply select any one of them then a dialog box would appear with a message “Thanks for reporting this ad.” 

Method 2: Based On Your Activity Off

Besides these two ways, you can also control the flow of ads coming to your feed based on your activity off of Instagram in settings. 

  1. Open the Instagram app. Sign in, if necessary. Go to your profile then click on the top right side.
  1. Go to settings and scroll down to ads. 
  1. Tap ads then data about your activity from partners.
  1. Turn off the enable button as per your preference. 

Other ways to stop ads from showing up on Instagram: Using the web version

Surfing Instagram through the browser results in showing fewer ads compared to the Instagram app. So, if you want to get rid of the ads, you may use the web version of Instagram. However, most people don’t enjoy using the web version of Instagram because they are not as user-friendly as the Instagram app.


To cut a long way short, there are not any specific techniques or methodology for blocking ads completely on Instagram. However, by installing some ad blocker extensions on your browser such as Adblock Plus Extension while using web version Instagram or by following the above-mentioned guidelines, you probably somehow can minimize the flow of the ads and their appearance on your feed. 

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