How To Change Messenger Sound

Change messenger Sounds

Facebook Messenger is a very popular app used by a huge number of people for chatting, video calling, and other forms of communication. However, most people do not bother to change their notification sounds or ringtones on Messenger. 

Normally, this would not be a problem. However, when you are among a crowd and a Messenger notification beeps, how can you know that it is yours? You might be getting an important text which you may ignore. So, it becomes important to know how to change your Messenger sounds like the Notification beeps or Ringtones. Therefore, in this article, we shall show you how you can change sounds on your Messenger app. 

Change Notification Sounds and Ringtone on Messenger 

Changing your sounds on Messenger is very simple and easy on your Android device. However, it is not the same case on your iOS device. As Messenger is a Facebook product and does not have any connections with Apple, changing the settings of Messenger on Apple devices is always hard and riddled with barriers.  

Change Messenger Sounds For Android

You can use the following ways to change your Notification sound settings and Ringtone on Messenger Android with the following ways. 

From Messenger App on Android

  • Open Messenger App on your Android device.  
  • Tap on your Profile Picture
  • Scroll down to Notifications and sounds
notifications and sounds messenger app
  • There, you will get the option of changing your notification sounds, as well as the ringtone. 
change notification sounds and ringtone on messenger
  • From the bunch of options, choose the one that you find most suitable. 
choose messenger ringtone
  • Now, if someone contacts you on Messenger, you will hear a different sound than the default “ding” of Facebook Messenger.  

From Android Phone Settings

  • Go to Settings on your Android device. 
  • Tap on Notifications > Apps
  • Scroll down and tap on the Messenger app. 
  • Here you can see and customize the notifications of different Messenger options. 
  • The available options include Group Chat, Chats and calls, Mentions, Stories, and Other notifications
  • Tap on any of the options, and change the notification sound and the ringtone of that option.   

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Set Custom Ringtone on Messenger in Android

You can also set the custom ringtone of your choice on Messenger. This is a new software update that Messenger has added in 2021. Here is how you can add custom sound on Messenger. 

On your Android device, 

  • Go to Messenger > Profile > Notifications and Sounds > Manage Notifications > Chats and Calls > Sound > Choose local ringtone


  • Go to Settings > Apps > Manage Apps > Notifications > Chat and Calls > Sound > Choose local ringtone. 
  • A new browser window will open to your file manager
  • You can choose your sound and add it to Messenger. 
  • In this way, you can add a custom ringtone to your Messenger app on Android. 

Change Messenger sounds for iOS

Unfortunately, there is no proper way to change Messenger sounds on your iOS device. As Messenger is not an Apple product, it is always difficult to change its settings on an iPhone or iPad. 

You can block or mute the Messenger notifications on your iOS device. But it is not possible to easily change your default Messenger sounds like that of Android. However, according to a discussion on the Apple forum, you can change the Messenger sound on your iOS device in the following way. 

On your iOS device, 

  • Tap on Settings> Sounds & Haptics> Text Tone. 
  • From the two sound lists, “Alerts” and “Ringtones,” you can choose the sounds for messaging apps, including Messenger. 

However, this is not a verified method and may not work on your iOS device. So, be aware of any type of failure whenever you try this method. 

Disable/Mute Notifications on Messenger

Whenever you are too busy to chat with someone, any notifications on Messenger become a bother. In such cases, you can use the Messenger feature to mute notifications. This helps stop all kinds of sounds from Messenger. You have two options for muting conversations: You can mute notifications for a single conversation or for all conversations

Mute Notifications For All Conversations 

Messenger App on Android

  • Open the Messenger app. 
  • Tap on your profile picture. 
  • Tap Notifications and Sounds
  • Toggle the first option off. (i.e., turn off notifications)
turn off messenger notifications
  • Set the duration and tap Ok. 

Android Phone Settings

  • Go to Settings on your Android device. 
  • Select Apps.
  • Scroll down and select Messenger.
  • Scroll down to App Settings. 
  • Tap on Notifications. 
  • Toggle the Show Notifications off. 
  • Set the duration and tap Ok. 
messenger notification turn off through app settings

Messenger App on iOS device

  • Go to Messenger app > Profile picture > Notifications and sounds. 
  • Toggle on the Do not Disturb. 
  • Set the duration and tap Ok.

  • Go to
  • From the top left, click on the three horizontal dots. 
  • From the menu, click on Preferences. 
messenger preferences
  • Toggle the “Notification Sounds” off. 
turn off notifications on

Mute Notifications For A Single Conversation

For both Android and iOS devices

  • Open the conversation on the Messenger app you want to mute. 
  • From the top right, click on the “i” (information) icon. 
info icon on messenger chat
  • There is a Mute (bell) icon under the Contact name on the right side. Tap on it. 
mute notification for a conversation on messenger app
  • Set the duration (15 mins, 1 hour, 8 hours, etc.) to mute the notifications and tap Ok. 


  • Open
  • Go to the conversation of the contact you want to mute. 
  • On the right sidebar, under Privacy and Support, click on Mute Conversation
mute conversation on
  • Set the duration and click on Mute to mute the conversation for a single contact. 
confirm mute conversation


As the trick to change your Messenger sounds can come in handy at any time, it would be best if you learn it quickly. Moreover, Changing messenger sounds and muting all conversations can help you focus on important tasks without getting annoyed by constant distractions. We believe that this article has proven useful in helping you learn to change Messenger sounds. However, for any suggestions or queries, do not forget to put them in the comments section below. 

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