How to Detect Spyware on an iPhone

spyware on iphone

In the digital world, some hackers, spies, or stalkers may be spying on your iPhone without your notice. Such people use complicated software to get access to your iPhone and get all the information and data from your iPhone.

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If you have any doubts that your phone is getting hacked or spied on by someone, you should immediately take major steps and be aware of how your iPhone is getting hacked and what you should do to evade it. This article will help you with just that.

iPhone Hacking In The 21st Century

iPhone hacking is on the rise more than ever before. Today, it is just so easy to hack people and get access to their information. It does not require any tech expert to do it, anyone having cheap software and by following some instructions can simply hack or spy on others. Any person by just clicking a website can get easily hacked.

Google had reported that about 1 billion iPhone users were likely to be hacked and spied on. Therefore, the demand for spyware detection software or tools has exponentially hiked up.

How Dangerous can iPhone Spyware Be?

You have to be very serious and aware of iPhone hacking because you could be the victim of it and if your iPhone gets hacked, the hacker or spy can get access to every bit of your personal information and data. They will get access to your messages, online accounts, your username and password, pictures, your location, listen to your phone calls, almost anything you can think of.

How Can You Detect Spyware In iPhone?

Hackers or spies use different spyware programs that are designed in a way where the doings cannot be detected. However, if you have any doubts that someone is spying on your device, the following are how you can suspect or detect spyware in your iPhone.

Heated iPhone:

Our iPhone often gets so warm when we are using different applications on the iPhone. But if your iPhone gets heated even when you are not using it, it is a probable sign that there is spyware in your iPhone and someone is using the applications.

Increased Data Use:

The spy or the hacker of yours needs to use the data of your phone to get information or data through your device. So you need to keep an eye on your data usage, if it is beyond or more than your data usage, you have spyware on your device.

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Background sounds:

When any hacker or spy is spying or monitoring your phone calls, you tend to hear background noises, echoes, or sounds from which you can assume or detect that your iPhone has spyware.

Battery Drains Out Quickly:

A characteristic of an old phone is that its battery dies out quickly. Similarly, if your iPhone’s battery drains out quickly, it might also mean that your iPhone has been hacked and the malicious software is working in the background, using up your iPhone’s battery. So before you change your old phone to a new one because of the poor battery health, you should first check if malware software is causing such a problem.

Applications You Have Not Installed:

If by any chance there are apps in your iPhone that you don’t remember installing, this could mean that the spy who has got through your iPhone is installing it in the background.

Unusual Messages:

If you are getting unusual messages time and again on your iPhone, this could also be a sign that you might have spyware. You might receive such messages when you are online, in the form of text or as application notifications.

Apple ID Login Requests:

If you frequently receive apple id login requests even when you are logged in or out already, this is another way of detecting that you have spyware in your iPhone. This means that the hacker has your login details. Therefore, to avoid this you should constantly change your password.

Types of iPhone Spyware

Hidden Spy Apps:

Hidden spy applications are commonly used by hackers or spies. These apps cost only a few dollars to purchase. The hackers need to install the app on the victim’s iPhone which only takes a few minutes to get installed. Once it is installed in the victim’s iPhone, now the hacker will easily receive and monitor all your messages, data, photos, phone calls, emails, etc.

Spy App Infestation:

Any application that is not verified or is likely to cause damage to your device is not allowed to be installed in your apple device from the app store. Apple security does not allow it. So this probably means, you have either downloaded a dubious app without much attention or any other person who has already hacked your iPhone has to download such a trouble-making app to your device.

iCloud Backup Attack:

Another easy way of hacking victims is through iCloud backups. The hacker does not need to do anything physically to the victim’s device to get the information out of it. The victim’s iCloud user id and password are all that he/she requires. If the victim restores all the backup stored in their iCloud account, the hacker will get access to all the data and information and it is almost impossible to detect the hacker as this activity is carried out online.

How To Remove Spyware From iPhone?

Having spyware on your iPhone is very dangerous and risky because the person is not just spying on your device but is also retrieving data and bank details from your iPhone. Therefore, it is vital to remove spyware from your device. However, detecting spyware in your iPhone is not as easy as it stays strongly hidden deep inside your iPhone, making it almost impossible to detect and remove. Despite the implications, we have brought you some ways that could help you remove spyware.

Update Your iPhone:

Another way to remove spyware from your iPhone is by constantly updating your iPhone (iOS) as it works by fixing the bugs affecting the system, which might help in removing spyware from your iPhone. You will have to go to the settings, then to general, and there you will find software update and you just tap download and install.

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Change Your Apple ID Password:

If you detect any signs of spyware in your iPhone, change your apple id immediately. Here’s how you can do that:

  1. Go to the settings
  2. Tap into your iPhone name
  3. Go to password and security
  4. Change your password

Uninstall Suspicious Applications:

Do you have any applications on your iPhone that are not downloaded by you? If yes, go on and delete all such apps from your iPhone. Hold onto the app for a few seconds and you will get an option to remove/delete the app on the top or bottom of the options.

Install Anti-Spyware Software/Application:

One of the best ways to prevent yourself from getting hacked or spied on through your iPhone is by installing an anti-spyware application. Such an application will scan your iPhone and help you remove all the detected programs. There are hundreds of anti-spyware apps from which you should choose the one with a higher user rate to get more efficiency out of it.

Physically Secure Your iPhone:

Spyware programs can be installed online. However, in most cases, the attacker needs to get physical access to the victim’s iPhone. Therefore, to avoid this, you should have strong codes or passwords so no other person can get through your phone. Do not just use simple numbers or birth dates that people can easily guess.

Reset your iPhone:

This is the least popular option you can do to remove spyware from your iPhone. If none of the above practices works, resetting your iPhone is the last option.

You can also possibly remove spyware from your iPhone by resetting your device. This will clear out everything that’s on your iPhone. Therefore, you would want to back up the pictures, contacts, or anything of your need in the iCloud and then you can go to the settings and reset your device.


There are many other software that has similar functions as spyware. Softwares like parental monitoring programs are hidden and difficult to detect. Hackers can get into your Google account or iCloud, email, and social media and can extract your sensitive information. Also, they can track your location and might blackmail you. So, it is necessary to be alert and know about the spyware.

I have mentioned the way of detecting spyware on your iPhone device and also the ways of removing them. Slight negligence and carelessness can track your device, so it is essential to be cautious. These were the methods to detect spyware software on your iPhone device and if you didn’t understand any points, then feel free to mention them in the comment section. I will thoroughly answer them.

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