Captcha not working? How To Solve

Captcha not Working? Here is how to solve

Captcha: A term familiar with most of the internet users currently using the internet. They pop up every now and then to annoy us. When you fill out a form, go to a website, or download something, they are always there to make your work more difficult. But what is more annoying than the captcha itself is that the captcha is not working. 

When you invest your time solving a captcha, and it does not work, you get so frustrated that you cannot describe it. More importantly, with the captchas becoming more and more abundant in every aspect of internet surfing, it will only get more stressful and difficult to surf the internet whenever captchas are not working

The captchas not working has become such a big issue for many of you internet users out there. So, we have prepared this article to solve this particular issue. You get to know what the captchas are, the different captchas, why they are not working, and what to do to solve this issue. So, could you stick with us? 

What is a Captcha, and how does it work? 

A Captcha or CAPTCHA is an abbreviation for Completely Automated Public Turing test to tell Computers and Humans Apart. Captcha is simply a tool used on the internet by websites to check whether someone visiting the site or performing some action on the site is a human being or not. 

Captchas are mainly used to examine and stop bots from coming to a website. Bots are a type of software program used to automate specific tasks on the internet without the help of humans. Bots are mainly used to perform repetitive tasks which are inconvenient for a human to perform. They are not inherently bad; however, spammers and other harmful actors use these bots to damage a website. 

The working process of captchas is fairly simple. There might be a lot of coding, algorithms, and other processes going on in the backend, but for users, solving a captcha involves:

  • Typing a distorted text on the text box.
  • Solving a simple math problem.
  • Selecting images as a pattern. Or
  • Just clicking on a checkbox to prove you are not a robot.

The image below shows solving a captcha by typing a text on a text box. You just type the text shown-text on the text box given and click on submit. 

captcha working example

However, with the development of advanced artificial intelligence, regular captchas are getting easier and easier to solve by computer programs. Therefore, many organizations and institutions, including Google, have been trying to improve the captcha so that it becomes difficult for a computer program to crack it and does not inconvenience a human being solving it. 

Different Types of Captcha 

Captchas come in different forms. Some were developed earlier, and some recently. As it started becoming easier and easier for AI to solve captchas, the captchas had to be made more and more sophisticated. So, here are some of the captchas that are commonly seen on the internet these days. 

Math problem

Math problem captchas are one of the simplest types of captcha found on websites today. They work by providing a simple math problem of addition, subtraction, or multiplication which you need to solve to proceed. They are simple, and most math problems are so easy that virtually anyone can solve them. However, their lack of sophistication makes them appear less secure. 

Word problem

Word problem captchas work by giving the users some texts or letters to fill in the box and submit to proceed further in their action. The captcha solved above is a word problem captcha. The text and letters appear distorted most often so that only a human can understand what they mean, and a computer program has a hard time figuring them out. 

Social media sign-in

Yes, social media sign-in is also a type of captcha. They are relatively simple in that you only have to sign in with your social media account like Facebook, Reddit, Google+, Linkedin, etc., to proceed further on your activity on a particular website. With this type of captcha, it is assumed that only human beings have a working social media profile. However, spammers who use multiple social media profiles to spam can quickly get around these types of captcha restrictions. 


The NoCAPTCHA reCAPTCHA is a type of captcha that Google invented and has been around the internet since 2014. It is by far the most simple and effective type of captcha you can find on the internet these days. You just need to click on a check box saying “I am not a Robot” for this captcha to work. 

recaptcha nocaptcha

The way this type of captcha works is when a user clicks on the checkbox (by mouse on a PC or by finger on a touchscreen like smartphones, tabs, etc.), humans will most likely not click on the middle. In contrast, robots are more than likely to click on the exact center of the checkbox. This makes it easy to differentiate between a human and a bot.

It has been a very effective method since its inception, and if the first test fails, you will be asked to solve an image problem or a combination of letters or numbers. However, when the captcha does not work the first time, you will find it frustrating to do it over and over again. 

Confident captcha

The Confident captcha is a type of image captcha. In this captcha, you are directed to follow an image pattern to solve a problem. An example is when you are shown different images and need to click on the images containing a specific object (e.g., a bus, street light, cat, etc.). This type of captcha has a success rate of 96%; however, it becomes stressful whenever you do not get it right the first time and need to do it again and again with different images. 

What causes captcha not to work? 

Now that we know what a captcha is and its types let us know what causes the captcha on a website to not work. You see, there are many reasons why captchas might not be working. From your browser cookies to proxy settings, here are some of the main reasons why captchas do not work. 

  • An outdated browser is one of the significant reasons why captchas might not be working. You may be operating a browser with an old version, and hence the browser compatibility gets compromised, making it so that the captcha fails to register your input. 
  • Having an active VPN connection or a proxy server may be another reason why captchas are not working on your browser. When third-party proxy connections are used in your browsers, they may create network interference, thus creating captcha errors. 
  • Your browser cache can also be the reason why captchas er not working. A browser with corrupted cache data, old and unwanted cookies, etc., might interfere with your input requests on captchas, making them not work.  
  • The IP connection or your IP addresses might have been blocked, making it so that captchas are not working. If your IP is banned, the captcha will never load. 
  • Another major reason why captchas are not working might be because of malware. Certain malware on the internet corrupts your request when you type in the captcha input and click submit, making your captcha not work. 

How to solve the captcha not working issue

After getting an understanding of why captchas do not work, here are some steps that you can take to solve the issue of captchas not working. 

  1. Reload

Reloading your website or browser is one of the simplest and easiest ways to solve the captcha not working issue. More often than not, a simple reload of the website solves the problem of captcha not working. You can also reload your browser and try to solve the captcha again. Your website or webpage might not have loaded correctly, and so reloading should fix the problem. 

  1. Clear your browsing data

Your browsing data containing cookies, preferences, and other cache data might have been preventing you from solving a captcha. In this case, clearing your browser cache should solve the problem of the captchas not working. 

  1. Upgrade to the latest version of your browser

You should be able to solve captchas not working due to browser compatibility issues if you upgrade your browser to its latest version. Check the version of your browser and if it is outdated, upgrade to a new one. For Google Chrome, go to settings and click on “About Google Chrome.” There you can find your Chrome version, and if you have auto-updates on, Google will upgrade your browser automatically. 

  1. Use anti-virus software

Using anti-virus protection software and regularly scanning your device for any malware helps solve many problems. If there is any malware causing harm to your browser, you can remove it using anti-virus protection. Then reload the website on your browser and try the captcha again. It should work. 

  1. Check your IP connection, VPNs, and Proxy Settings.

If network connection settings, proxy servers, and VPN connections are causing problems of captchas not working, you should check them. Disable your proxy settings and VPN connections on your browser. You can find the proxy settings by going to the “Settings” menu in most browsers. Also, most free VPN services might cause problems of captchas not working, so you can also choose to use paid VPN services instead.

You can solve the IP address problem causing the captcha not to work if you reset your IP address. As many internet service providers use dynamic IP addresses, you can just disconnect your internet connection and reconnect again. 

  1. Reinstall your browser

Sometimes, checking for malware and clearing your browsing data might not work. In that case, you need to uninstall your browser from your system. You need to clear out all the residual data of your browser from your system by using third-party cleaners or manually and then reinstall the latest version of your browser again. Check to see if the captchas work or not. You should be able to solve your captcha not working error. 

Summing Up  

In a nutshell, the problem of captcha not working might have different causes, and employing different solutions to the different causes is the right way to go. 

Captchas are very important in that they help block spam, increase security, and try to give a good sense of assurance to the website owners. However, the frustration they cause to the users after not working also cannot be overlooked, especially in the current internet world where users want information in a more fast and efficient way. 

So, if you have any problems with captcha not working, you can use one or more of the above-mentioned methods to solve the issue. After solving this issue of captchas, you should expect a reasonably well browsing experience. 

Lastly, if you have any queries, suggestions, or comments on the article, let us know through the comment section below. You can also contact us directly through the contact us page. 

Good Luck.

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