How to Unarchive Gmail Messages on Desktop or Mobile App

Unarchive Gmail on Desktop or Mobile

As your Gmail inbox gets flooded with emails every day, you can archive some not-so-urgent emails to make your inbox clean. However, how do you go about archiving your emails? And how can you unarchive your emails on Gmail? Let us find out. 

What is the Gmail Archive?

The Gmail Archive is a feature in Gmail where you can clean up your inbox without deleting any of your messages. When you archive an email in Gmail, that email will be moved to the All Mail folder. The All Mail folder stores the archived emails and all the emails from the inbox and the spam folders. 

After archiving your email on the All Mail folder, you can use the sender’s name or the email address on the Gmail search bar to search for all archived emails from that sender. 

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Why Do You Need To Archive Your Emails?

Remove Gmail inbox clutter

You archive your email mainly to clean your inbox and remove the inbox cluttering because of a large volume of emails. Keeping your Gmail inbox neat and tidy helps to receive and send emails efficiently and makes your work easy. 

Keep the mails such as (official documents, credentials, etc.) ready in your email. 

Sometimes, you get emails that contain documents that are neither very important nor junk that you can throw at any time. Some official documents, or credentials for some applications, etc., are these types of emails.  

You may need these kinds of emails at any given time during your work. However, they are also not needed every day and time. As they occupy your inbox and need to be removed but can be needed at any time, the logical thing you can do is to archive them. 

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How To Archive Emails In Gmail 

  • Open Gmail. 
  • Search for the email you want to be archived.
  • Right-click and select Archive. 
archive Gmail messages by right click
  • Or, in the top menu bar, click on the icon with the down arrow (Download icon).
archive Gmail messages with archive button
  • Your email will be archived.

To Archive All Emails In Gmail

  • Open Gmail.
  • Click on the icon with a box and pointing a down arrow.
  • Select All.
select all Gmail messages
  • After selecting all messages, click on the Archive (down arrow) icon.
  • All of your emails will now be archived.

All of the archived emails in Gmail are stored in the All Mail folder. 

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How To Unarchive Emails on Gmail web version

  • Open Gmail
  • Click More from the left menu. 
select more
  • Scroll down to the All Mail folder, which is just above the Spam folder. 
Select All Mail folder in Gmail
  • From the list of emails, choose the email you want to Unarchive. 
  • Right Click on it and click on “Move To Inbox.”
Unarchive Gmail by right click
  • Or, You can also click on the Move To Inbox icon at the top of the screen. 
Unarchive Gmail by move to inbox button
  • Your archived email will be unarchived and moved back to the inbox. 

Unarchive Emails on Gmail app 

  • Open Gmail app.
  • Swipe left to open the menu Or tap on the three horizontal ilines on the top left.
three horizontal lines
  • Scroll down to the All Mail folder.
All Mail folder on Gmail App
  • Select the email you want to be unarchived
  • Tap on the three dots icon on the top right.
three vertical dots (more) icon
  • Select Move to inbox from the list of options
Unarchive Gmail on Gmail app
  • Now, your email has been unarchived from the Gmail app and moved to the inbox 

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Frequently Asked Questions On Gmail Archive

Will the archived email be moved back to the inbox after someone has replied to it? 

Yes, the archived mail will return to the inbox folder from the All Mail folder in Gmail after someone replies to that email. 

What is the major difference between Archive and Mute in Gmail? 

When you archive an email in Gmail, the mail is moved to the All Mail folder. But once someone replies to that email, the email will return to the inbox folder. However, when you mute an email in Gmail, it will be sent to the All mail folder, but the email will not return to the Inbox folder after someone replies to it. 

What do you mean by snoozing an email in Gmail? How is it different from archiving? 

Snoozing an email means setting up a remainder that reminds you of that email at a later date and time. It is different from archiving as when you snooze an email, it will get stored on a separate folder to store the snoozed emails; on the other hand, archived emails are all stored on the All mail folder and do not have a separate folder for them.  


Archiving and unarchiving emails on Gmail is a very useful skill that will make managing your emails much easier. Now, you should be able to archive and unarchive your emails on Gmail easily. Go and try it. Use the comment section below to give out any comments or suggestions on the article. 

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