How To Import Settings From Google Chrome To Microsoft Edge Chromium

How To Import Settings From Google Chrome To Microsoft Edge Chromium

In recent years, Microsoft Edge has become a strong contender for an alternative to Google Chrome. However, shifting your whole history, cookies, browsing data, and other settings from Chrome to Microsoft Edge might seem overwhelming. Fortunately, Microsoft has addressed this issue, and now, you can import various settings from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge Chromium without much hassle.

Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Microsoft Edge Chromium

Most of us use Google Chrome as our browser. It has become the most popular browser since its introduction in 2008. It gives the best browsing experience, and most users generally do not want to ditch Google Chrome for other browsers. 

However, with the addition of new updates and features in Google Chrome, it has become a browser that uses a lot of memory resources. It’s no wonder why many users (especially those using systems with low memory) are looking for meaningful alternatives. Microsoft Edge, introduced by Microsoft in 2015, has become a good choice for many. 

Microsoft Edge is a cross-platform browser running on Windows, Linux, Android, iOS, and other platforms. The new version of Microsoft Edge is the Microsoft Edge Chromium that runs on the open-source Chromium platform, the same as Google Chrome. 

Replacing the older Microsoft Edge Legacy, Microsoft Edge Chromium was introduced on January 15, 2020, and is the default browser for Microsoft Windows 10. As per the report from Statcounter, Microsoft Edge occupied 3.37% of the total market share of browsers worldwide in May 2021, beating Firefox and Opera among other popular browsers. 

Although Google Chrome is still the most used browser with 64.73% of the total market share, one cannot overlook the rise in popularity of Microsoft Edge. But many users are still hesitant in using Microsoft Edge Chromium because they expect the interface of Microsoft Edge to be the same as Internet Explorer from Microsoft. However, the truth is far from that. 

You can make the interface of Microsoft Edge Chromium just like Google Chrome by importing the settings from Chrome.  

Can You Import Settings From Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge Chromium? 

Yes, you can import settings from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge Chromium. The process of importing settings is quite handy as it allows you to import features from Google Chrome as well as other browsers like Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. 

Importing the settings from Chrome to Microsoft Edge Chromium is quite useful because you do not want to miss out on the browsing experience of Google Chrome, all the while not trying to overload your computer memory. 

Moreover, it is not just the settings but also other browsing data, passwords, extensions, bookmarks, etc., that you can import to make your experience the feel of using Google Chrome through Microsoft Edge Chromium. It helps to remove the necessity of going back to using Chrome because of the bad browsing experience. 

What data can be imported from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge Chromium?

There are various essential data that you use while browsing the internet through Google Chrome. Chrome collects these data for your convenience. There may be different reasons for collecting your data, but the most important is to make it convenient for browsing and give you a smooth browsing experience. Your history, bookmarks, tabs, favorites, etc., are these data. 

As for what kind of data and settings can be imported from Chrome to Microsoft Edge, the answer is you can import various kinds of data from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge Chromium. The data you use for browsing, like bookmarks, your cookies, your browsing history, your personal account information, your saved passwords, your favorites, etc., can all be imported. 

You can also import your extension settings, preferences, and other browser settings from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge Chromium. Here is a list showing the kinds of data imported from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge Chromium. 

  • Favorites or bookmarks 
  • Saved passwords 
  • Addresses and more 
  • Payment info
  • Browsing history 
  • Settings
  • Open tabs 
  • Extensions 
  • Shortcuts 
  • Cookies 
  • Home Page
  • Search Engines

How To Import Settings From Google Chrome To Microsoft Edge Chromium?

To import the settings from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge Chromium, you need to install Microsoft Edge Chromium in your device first. The following steps systematically outline how you can import settings from Google Chrome to your Microsoft Edge Chromium browser. 

Step 1: Open Microsoft Edge. After Opening Microsoft Edge, you will see a window like this.

Step 2: Go to the top-right corner and click on the Settings-and-more button. The Settings-and-more button is also called three dots because the button appears as three dots.  

Step 3: After clicking on the Settings-and-more button, a menu appears from where you need to click on ‘Settings.’ It usually is near the bottom of the menu. 

Step 4: The Settings window opens after clicking on ‘Settings.’ By default, the Profiles tab is already opened. However, if it is not, you will need to click on the ‘Profiles’ tab to open your profiles. 

Step 5: In the Profiles Window, you will need to go for the ‘Import Browser Data’ tab, as shown in the screenshot below. 

Step 6: The ‘Import Browser Data’ pop-up will open. You need to go to the drop-down menu of ‘Import from’ and select ‘Google Chrome.’ 

Step 7: After selecting Google Chrome, you need to choose your profile from where you want to import the data and settings from. 

Step 8: A list of data to be imported appears. Just select the data (e.g., extensions, passwords, etc.) you want to import from Chrome to Microsoft Edge Chromium. And you need to make sure that ‘Settings’ is selected if you want to import settings from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge Chromium. 

Step 9: Finally, after selecting all the data to be imported along with ‘Settings,’ click on the ‘Import’ button. 

Step 10: A dialog box will appear which reminds you to close Google Chrome before continuing. Check to see if you have Google Chrome already opened. If yes, then close it and click ‘Continue.’ If you do not have Chrome opened, click ‘Continue’ directly. 

Step 11: And, you are done. If you did all the steps correctly, a dialog box like the one below should appear, and you need to click done.  

What Settings Are Imported From Google Chrome To Microsoft Edge Chromium? 

Consistency of browser experience between Chrome and Edge is important for users. So, Microsoft Edge Chromium tries to import as many settings from Chrome as possible. These settings are mainly the settings that the users most use. However, Microsoft Edge Chromium will not import every setting from Google Chrome.  

The imported settings include customization settings, accessibility settings, or other critical browser settings required for the browser to function properly. With regular updates of Edge Chromium, Microsoft plans to add more and more settings to import from Chrome in the future. 

The settings that are imported from Google Chrome to Microsoft Edge Chromium consist of: 

  • Your Google Settings: Includes your Chrome name as well as your profile picture.
  • Autofill Settings: Include the Autofill Passwords settings that offer to save or delete your passwords, the Auto Sign-in feature, the autofill payment methods, and your addresses where you save and fill your addresses. 
  • The Appearance Settings: These settings include the Show home button, the show bookmarks bar, your font size for the browser, the customized fonts, and page zoom settings. 
  • Search Engine Settings: The search engine settings include the search engine used in your Chrome browser and the settings to manage the search engine. 
  • Startup Settings: The imported startup settings include the options you have set on startup on your Google Chrome. 
  • Privacy and Security Settings: The privacy and security settings include the settings for allowing the cookies, blocking third-party cookies in incognito and other tabs, as well as blocking all cookies. Other privacy and security settings imported include the settings to clear cookies and site data after you quit Chrome, send a ‘Do Not Track ’request with your browsing traffic, and the autofill payment method settings for allowing the sites to check if you have some saved payment methods. 
  • Download Settings: These settings include the download location settings and the settings for asking where to save each file before downloading.

Summing up

The process of importing your Chrome Settings to Microsoft Edge Chromium is fairly simple. With the addition of these settings and other browser data, you will not have to worry about moving your data and settings from one browser to another. 

This importation process will reduce your time consumption and stress and improve your productivity. Thus, importing settings is a pretty efficient way to browse to your heart’s content without missing out on a good browsing experience. 

If you have any confusion regarding the process of importing your Chrome Settings to Microsoft Edge Chromium, you are free to contact us anytime, and we will be glad to help you in any way we can. 

Good Luck.

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