YouTube Filters Not Working? How To Solve

solve youtube filters not working issue

As millions of videos are uploaded daily on YouTube, it gets difficult to search for the desired video from its huge database. Thus, YouTube has a filter option for its search that lets the users search their desired video per their requirements.

However, sometimes, the filters of YouTube will not work. Not getting your desired search result due to the filters in YouTube not working is a big problem for many of you out there. So, this article will provide you with a complete overview of the YouTube filters, why they do not work, and how you can solve this issue.  

What are YouTube filters?

The YouTube search filters are the attributes added to the YouTube search bar that helps you define the criteria of your search. You can narrow your search down and find the video you are looking for through the YouTube search filters. 

YouTube filters

These search filters work pretty much the same as any other search filter. They give you the option to filter out your YouTube search by duration, upload date of the video, video quality, type, and video features like ‘having subtitles,’ ‘location,’ etc. You can also sort out the video searches as per the relevance, view count, rating, etc., with the search filter of YouTube. 

They appear just below the search bar after typing your keyword or query on the YouTube search. 

Why do YouTube Filters not work?

There are two major reasons why YouTube filters do not work on your device. They are: 

  1. YouTube’s policies
  2. Cached data on your device

YouTube’s policies

YouTube keeps updating its content policies quite often. To reduce the violent content, racist videos, or other inappropriate videos, YouTube’s guidelines on uploading the videos are improved constantly. 

Moreover, YouTube also makes the search filters not work when it is trying to remove these contents. A great example is when YouTube removed its search filters due to the New Zealand shootings in 2019. 

And as inappropriate videos keep being updated on the platform, YouTube will continue to remove these videos and sometimes remove the search filters to prevent searches for these kinds of videos. 

Cached data on your device

If you have a huge amount of cached data on your device, YouTube filters might not work. Your browser or the YouTube app will store the cached data on your device after using YouTube for a while. 

The cache data sometimes interfere with your search results and can make the YouTube filters display wrong results or make them not work. This problem generally occurs when you have not removed your old cached data for a long time. 

How to solve the YouTube filters’ not working issue? 

To solve the YouTube filters’ not working issue, you can imply one of the following two methods. 

  • Use Google’s Advanced Search. 
  • Delete the cache data from your browser or app.

If your YouTube filters do not work, then you can simply use Google’s filters found in Google’s Advanced Search. Although not as good as the YouTube filter, it is a pretty simple method that works well and will get you the result you want. 

Follow these steps to use Google Advanced Search. 

Step 1: Search for the video on Google’s search bar.

Step 2: After you type the video name or a keyword, type in “” and click on “Videos” This gives you only the videos of YouTube.

filter out only the youtube videos rom google search

Step 3: Click on “Tools” below the search bar. There, you can see the filter options to filter your YouTube Videos without YouTube filters. 

use google advanced search to use filters for youtube videos

There is another way to get only the YouTube videos on Google Search. After clicking on “Videos” below the search bar, you can also choose “YouTube” from the list of sources under the tools instead of typing “” to get the YouTube videos. 

search for youtube videos only

This method can be used when YouTube removes the YouTube filters. 

Method 2: Remove your cached data

When you have a large amount of cached data and junk files making your YouTube filters not work, remove them. These cached data may be on your browser or your YouTube app on your smartphone. 

Let us discuss how you can remove these data from both your browser and your YouTube app. 

Remove cached data from Google Chrome browser.

You can remove the cached data from the Chrome browser on your PC as well as your smartphone. To remove the cached data from Google Chrome, follow these steps. 

Step 1: Click on the three dots on the top right of your Chrome browser and then go to “Settings.” 

settings on your chrome browser

Step 2: Scroll down to “Privacy and Security,” where you will find the “Clear browsing data” option. Click on that option. 

your browser cache

Step 3: To clear the cached data, you only need to tick on the “Cached images and files” option. This option is available under both basic and advanced settings.

clear your browser cache

It would be best if you remove your cached data from “All time.” However, be careful not to select other data (e.g., cookies, browsing history) not to affect your overall browsing experience in the future. 

That’s it. You have successfully removed the cached data from Google Chrome, and now your YouTube filters should work perfectly fine on your browser. 

Remove cached data from your YouTube app.

If your YouTube filters are not working on your YouTube app on your smartphone, you need to delete the cached data of the YouTube app. 

Follow these steps to remove the cached data on your YouTube app from Android. 

Step 1: On your Android, go to “Settings” and tap on “apps.”

Step 2: Scroll down and tap on the YouTube app to show the app information. 

Step 3: Tap on “Storage.” There you will see the data and cache of the YouTube app. 

Step 4: Tap on “Clear Cache” and check if the YouTube filters are working or not. If it does, then all is well, but if it does not, then you need to go back and tap the “Clear Data” option as well. 

clear YouTube App cache to solve YouTube filters not working on Android and iOS

This method is pretty similar to your iPhone as well. You need to find the app information and clear the cache and data from your YouTube app on your iPhone to solve the YouTube filters not working on your iPhone

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Having the YouTube filters will help you narrow down your video search results from a huge collection and get you specific videos. By solving the issue of filters not working on YouTube, you can browse the videos to your heart’s content and get the one you desire. I hope this article was helpful for you, and if you have any queries or suggestions you would like to share, you can put them in the comment section below.

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