How To Stop Ads On Facebook

stop ads on Facebook


Well, living in this tech generation, it’s obvious that we can’t spend our day without social media. From recent statistics, there’re 1.1.5 billion daily active mobile users and these numbers are still growing. We are using social media platforms in high numbers and Facebook is one of them.

Although Facebook is the most popular platform for social networking, it’s also used as a huge platform for promotion. Facebook uses Facebook Business to connect with users for a specific product.

It is sure that Facebook earns revenue from advertisements, but we all hate those ads that keep popping up on the sidebar. So, this question that hits our mind- How to stop ads on Facebook? Since 98% of its revenue comes from sponsored ads, Facebook doesn’t want to remove those ads. However, we have come up with an alternative solution for that.

How to block Facebook ads on Chrome?

To avoid Facebook ads, the best way is to install an adblocker tool- AdBlock Plus. Still, it won’t guarantee a 100% result, yet will definitely decrease the amount of ads. 

Step 1. Firstly, you need to install the AdBlock Plus extension and press the Add to Chrome button.

Step 2. Secondly, Click its icon in your browser and select Settings.

Step 3: Then go to General settings and turn off Allow Acceptable Ads. The box should be empty without a check mark. And this will help to stop ads on Facebook

 Note: In conclusion, it doesn’t matter which browser you use , AdBlock Plus extension works fine saving your traffic and accelerating your navigation. 

How to block Facebook ads on Android/iPhone?

Step 1. Log into your Facebook account.

Step 2. Then, press the drop-down and select Settings.

Step 3. Choose the Ads section on the left sidebar in the settings. 

Step 4. From Ad Preferences, choose the Ad Settings option. 

Step 5. In the Ad Settings, choose the following for each option: 

  • Data about your activity from partners – Not allowed
  • Audience-based advertising – Not allowed
  • Ads are shown off of Facebook – No one.


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People Also Asked:

1.Are Facebook ads dangerous?

That can be sometimes. It’s not sure that Facebook always controls its advertisers, so sometimes you can encounter some harmful ads.

2. What is the safest Ad blocker?

Some of the few top Ad blockers are AdBlock Plus, Stands Fair AdBlocker, and uBlock Origin.

3. Do I have an Ad blocker?

The easy way is to look for AdBlock in the list of extensions installed in your browser:
In Chrome and Opera– type about: extensions in the address bar
In Edge– click More and Extensions
In Firefox– open the Firefox menu, choose Add-ons, and then click Extensions.

4. Which is better: Ad Block or AdBlock Plus?

Adblock seems to be slower in both Chrome and Firefox. While, Adblock Plus gets on better and works very well in Firefox.

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