How To Timestamp YouTube Comments

Timestamp YouTube Comments

With its huge video collection, amazing filters, and good recommendations, YouTube has made it very easy for anyone who wants to watch a video of their choice.

However, what if you want to directly go to a specific part of a video? What if you want to post a comment on YouTube with a video at a particular time? YouTube has a specific feature called a Timestamp for these scenarios.

So, in this article, we discuss the YouTube video timestamps, including how to timestamp YouTube videos in comments, timestamp YouTube videos on description, and many more. 

What is a Youtube video timestamp?

A timestamp is a link to a specific part of a YouTube video. Timestamp makes it possible to link to a certain part in the video directly. 

It is a great feature that is helpful for all those who do not want to waste their time on the video to get to the relevant portion. Timestamps especially help if the video is long and you want to directly jump to a certain part of the YouTube video.  

YouTube video timestamp

You can add timestamps to a YouTube video as a creator and as a viewer. However, as a viewer, you can only timestamp the YouTube comments and create a timestamp link for the videos. But as a creator, you can also add the timestamps on the YouTube videos in the description. 

Timestamp YouTube comments

The timestamp of YouTube comments simply means adding the timestamp of the YouTube video in the comments section. If you want others to see a specific part of the video, you can add the timestamps on the YouTube video comment. This helps get the point across easily as others can watch the video directly from a specific part. 

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How to timestamp YouTube comments?

Follow these steps to timestamp YouTube comments for both web browsers and smartphone apps

  1. Go to the YouTube video in which you want to make a timestamp. 
  2. Pause the video at the exact moment to create the timestamp. 
  3. Note down the time from the bottom left of the YouTube video. 
  4. In the comments section, type the exact time that you have noted down
  5. You need to type the timestamp in the HH: MM: SS format. (e.g. 2:3:33) or MM: SS format (4:56)
timestamp YouTube comments

After this process, YouTube will make a clickable timestamp of the video in the comments section. This timestamp is valid for both PC and smartphones. 

As a creator of the video, you can also pin the video timestamp on the comment section. Doing this makes it so that your comment always appears at the top of the comment section. Many viewers prefer this over adding timestamps to the YouTube video description. 

If you want to share the YouTube videos link with others and want them to start watching them from a specified time, you can create a shareable timestamp link for your video. With this process, you do not need to tell others manually about where to look for in the YouTube video. 

You can share the timestamp video links on any social media of your choice. Here is how you can create timestamp YouTube video links. 

To create a timestamp link on the web version of your browser, follow these steps. 

  1. Go to the video to create the timestamp link.
  2. Pause the video at the exact moment when you want to start the timestamp. 
  3. Right-click on the YouTube video and click on “Copy video URL at the current time.” 
  4. This will create a video URL with a “?t=xx” (without quotes) at the end. 
  5. You can share this as a timestamp video link. 
copy video URL at current time

You can also use another method to create a YouTube video timestamp link from your desktop browser. 

  1. Go to the video to create the timestamp. 
  2. Pause the video at the exact moment where you want to create the timestamp. 
  3. Click on the Share button to create a shareable link. 
  4. Check on the text box showing “Start at xx: xx” at the bottom. 
  5. The shareable link with the “?t=xx” will be generated. 
video share link

You can share this timestamp YouTube video link with your friends on social media.  

Creating a timestamp link of a YouTube video on a smartphone is a little more time-consuming than doing it on a PC. However, you can still do it easily. 

Follow these steps to create a timestamp link on your smartphone (Android/iOS) through the YouTube app. 

  1. Open the YouTube app on your smartphone 
  2. Go to the video to create a timestamp link.
  3. Pause the video at the moment you want to create a timestamp. 
  4. Convert the time in seconds

E.g., if you have paused the video at 1:05, then that means 65 seconds. 

  1. On your YouTube app, click on Share>Copy Link
  2. Paste the copied link on your social media or a friend’s contact. 
  3. At the end of the link, type “t=xx” (Without quotations). 

Here, xx represents the time in seconds. So, for 65 seconds, it would be t=65.  

Now, you have a clickable timestamp video link generated. Once someone clicks on this timestamp link, it will take them to that time of the video directly. 

How to timestamp YouTube video descriptions to show chapters?

You can add the timestamp to your YouTube video if you are a video creator. These are called chapters. Adding chapters on your YouTube video through timestamps will make it much easier for the viewers to jump to a certain section of your video.

If the video is too long, and someone wants to see only a certain portion of your video, a timestamp will help by taking them through various video sections in the YouTube media player. 

So, to add timestamps on YouTube video descriptions to show chapters, follow these steps. 

  1. Open YouTube and click on your profile on the top right. 
  2. Select YouTube Studio to go to the creator’s section. 
YouTube Studio
  1. Click on “Content” present on the left menu.
  2. Choose the video to add timestamp chapters, and click on the pencil icon
edit YouTube video content
  1. The details of your video will open. 
  2. On the description box, type the timestamps that you want to create. 
  3. Along with the timestamps, type the chapter names.  
  4. You have to add at least three timestamps, each with a minimum length of 10 seconds
Add timestamps in video description
  1. Click on Save on the top right corner to save the changes. 
  2. YouTube will automatically generate the video chapters with timestamps for your video. 

In this way, you can create video chapters by adding timestamps to the video descriptions of your YouTube video. You can go to the YouTube help section for more information on creating the YouTube video chapters. 

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What are the benefits of YouTube video timestamps? 

With all the talk about adding timestamps on your YouTube videos, you may wonder: Why add the timestamps on YouTube videos in the first place? Is it worth it? 

The answer is Yes. It is absolutely worth your time to add the timestamps to your YouTube videos. Just going the extra mile to add timestamps to your YouTube videos can provide you with several benefits. Some of these benefits include: 

Increase user retention and decrease bounce rate

In recent years, users have become very picky with what they see on a YouTube video. They will often bounce or navigate away from your video if they do not find what they are looking for in your video content. This increases your bounce rate and decreases user retention. 

However, by adding timestamps on your YouTube video, you can direct the users to the relevant content they desire from the different portions of your video. As most YouTube users want to watch a video on shorter segments, mostly for long content, this becomes very helpful to increase user retention and decrease the bounce rate. 

Improve viewer experience

The viewers’ experience after watching your YouTube video matters. It defines whether they will come to see your video again. If you give your viewers a bad experience, you can be sure that nobody will watch your video in the future. 

Timestamps help improve the viewer experience as viewers can easily get what they want from your video. This leads to them clicking on your other videos in the future. 

Improve YouTube SEO

YouTube will rank your videos based on the watch time and retention of the users. Moreover, when you have timestamps on your video, you get a huge boost on YouTube SEO. Here’s how. 

When a user clicks on your video timestamp, YouTube will log this as two views instead of one. One view is for the initial click on your video, while another is for the second click on the specific timestamp the user clicks. 

As you get two view logs for just one video, it will help a great deal to rank your videos higher in YouTube search results over time. This helps improve your YouTube SEO for your video. 

Improve Google SEO

Recently, Google has been supporting timestamps. A video with a timestamp is more likely to appear on the search results whenever a user searches for some information on Google. Google will direct the searcher to the specific timestamp moment to get users the information they want. 

As Google prioritizes your video with timestamps on its search results, it will massively help improve your Google SEO. 

At the end

Now, you should be aware of what YouTube video timestamps are, what benefits they can yield and how you can add them to your YouTube videos. You should also be familiar with the process of creating a timestamp video link through the desktop browser and your smartphones. If you have any queries or any further suggestions, you can drop them in the comment section below. 

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