Top Free Android Apps for Kids to Learn

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It is an unavoidable fact that many children now use tablets and smartphones daily. While this was looked at as a disappointment a few years ago, many people now recognize that there are numerous advantages. The Google Play Store is full of kids apps for all ages, ranging from entertaining games to learning and education. Many educational apps and games are so entertaining that children don’t realize that they’re learning.

It can be difficult to find family-friendly apps that kids will enjoy during their free time. You can get some of the best kids apps for free on android. These apps not only keep your children entertained but also help with education.

Games, arts, crafts, music, storybooks, and videos are some of the features that you can get from these apps. These apps are designed for different ages of kids, so the Parental Controls feature is also available on some of the apps to monitor them. I have mentioned some of the best apps for kids to keep entertained and learn new things

Best Free Kids Android Apps

  1. Amazon Kindle
  2. Duolingo
  3. Flashcards
  4. Khan Academy Kids
  5. Kids Doodle
  6. PBS Kids
  7. YouTube Kids
  8. ABC Kids
  10. Nick Jr.

Amazon Kindle

Rating: 4.7 stars

Amazon Kindle is one of the learning free apps for kids. It is like an eReader platform that you can get on your mobile. It provides different books that can be useful and readable for both kids and adults. Through this app, you can improve your reading ability. This app lets you read books and start over the same book from another device.

It is best for book lovers and interested kids can learn more. It offers customization on font size, background color, and screen brightness which makes your reading experience great. There are many books that you can download and read for free of cost on this app. You can get tons of ebooks through a subscription service. The cost of the book varies from one to another. Google Play Books and Nook are similar apps that provide tons of ebooks like Amazon Kindle.


  • Built-in Google, Wikipedia, and Dictionary
  • Subscription service to access tons of ebooks
  • Provides ebooks for both kids and adults
  • Sync automatically which helps you to read the same book from devices
  • Offers customization on font size, background color, and screen brightness


Rating: 4.6 stars

Duolingo is one of the best language learning apps for kids. It provides different languages such as French, Spanish, Italian, German, English, and more. You can download particular languages for free and read them in offline mode. Kids can learn different languages through audio and oral exercises. Through games and cartoon characters helps you to improve your speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills.

It is the best app for your kids to learn a new language during the summer break. It is effective, user-friendly, and fun to use. Adults can also use this app for learning new languages. It offers some great stuff on the premium version so if you want to get access to the premium version, then you have to buy a subscription service. It doesn’t add any fees and in-app purchases are optional.


  • Audio and oral exercises
  • Provides different languages for both kids and adults
  • User-friendly and effective
  • Subscription service to access great stuff
  • No fees and in-app purchases are optional Flashcards

Rating: 4.6 stars Flashcards is one of the study apps that create flashcards on different subjects. It offers you cross-platform syncing features through which you can access millions of flashcards made by others. You can work on both online and offline mode. This is a good app for a study that can be used by both kids and adults.

The free version provides you two folders and each folder consists of hundred flashcards. If you have a premium version, then you can create as many folders as you need. If you want to learn two subjects at once, then this is a good app.


  • Access to millions of flashcards
  • Cross-platform syncing feature
  • Works on both online and offline mode
  • Create many folders on a premium version
  • Supports memorize mode and card mode

Khan Academy Kids

Rating: 4.5 stars

Khan Academy Kids is one of the popular apps designed especially for kids. It is the kid’s version of Khan Academy. This app offers different types of lessons and topics for kids. Some of the lessons are maths, reading and literacy, motor skills and development, language, and more. It offers different categories for critical thinking and also offers emotional lessons.

Taking different lessons can build problem-solving skills and social development in your kids. This app offers you anime characters that can be friendly to the kids. The UI of this app is simple and can be used easily by both children and parents. It is a free app and doesn’t contain any advertisements and in-app purchases.


  • Variety of lessons
  • Educational games and songs
  • Offers anime characters to engage kids
  • No advertisements and in-app purchases
  • Provides student progress reports

Kids Doodle

Rating: 4.4 stars

Kids Doodle is a popular drawing app designed for kids aged 6 to 12. You can get 24 different brushes with effects on this app. Different effects such as rainbow, neon, glow, and fireworks make an impact on your drawing. Having different brushes and effects can give kids to use more imagination and can explore more ideas.

Through this app, it will not only engage your kids but also make them more creative. It offers great colors and makes your drawing look amazing. Once the drawing is complete, you can save it in your gallery or make a small photo video clip. Well, kids can play draw games on this app.


  • 24 variety of brushes with endless bright colors
  • Movie mode to make a small film
  • A built-in gallery that stores drawing procedures and pictures
  • Provides share option
  • Provides redo and undo option

PBS Kids

Rating: 4.4 stars

PBS Kids is a well-known popular app for having great kids content. Kids shows like Wild Kratts, Dinosaur Train, Odd Squad, and others are available on this app. The user interface of this app is good and doesn’t contain any problems while streaming video. But parents have to search and open the video for the kids. This app provides Chromecast which helps you to connect PBS channels on your TV.

It provides educational cartoons which give some knowledge and ideas to the kids. The educational goal tracker helps to track the kid’s activity on everything they are learning or should be learning. It provides games on different subjects from math to reading. It is a free app but if you want to buy some additional shows, then you can buy them.


  • Educational goal tracker
  • Provides games and kids shows
  • Connect to the TV through Chromecast
  • The user interface is good
  • No in-app purchase and advertisement

YouTube Kids

Rating: 4.3 stars

YouTube Kids is like youtube apps that contain only kids aged videos. Google developed this app to separate kid’s content from youtube. This app has become a great platform for kids to learn new things every day. You can choose your choice of video for your kids as it offers tons of videos. You can even watch videos on your TV through Chromecast.

Parental controls feature is available on this app to monitor your kids and block particular content. You can set your kid’s profiles and see what they are watching. You can get a safe online experience on this app. This app provides advertisements and if you don’t like advertisements, then you have to buy a subscription to get rid of them.


  • Contains only kids content
  • Tons of educational and entertained videos
  • Set your kids profiles
  • Parental controls and age restriction
  • Connect to the TV through Chromecast

ABC Kids

Rating: 4.3 stars

ABC Kids is a great app for younger kids but is too simple for older kids. This app is good for educational purposes. Through this app, your kids can learn a little bit of writing, learn some alphabet, and phonics. It provides features like teacher mode that give report cards to parents like a teacher. The interface of this app is a little harder which makes it difficult for kids to exit. 

The learning process has become more fun for preschoolers as well as for kindergarten through this app. Through the games, kids can learn the alphabets, phonics, and their shapes much quicker than usual. Also, kids will get stickers as a reward every time they complete the game. It contains both lowercase and uppercase letters. This app doesn’t contain any advertising and in-app purchases.


  • Teacher mode
  • No advertising and in-app purchases
  • Allow both lowercase and uppercase letters
  • Provide phonics pairing, letter matching, and ABC tracing games with a good interface
  • Get stickers as a reward

Rating: 4.1 stars is one of the kids apps which targets the age group of two to eight. It offers educational content on math, art, music, and reading in an entertained way. This app tracks kid’s activity and monitors progress. This app is good for homeschooled kids as they can learn many educational things.

This app is used in more than 70,000 classrooms and contains over 10,000 learning activities. You can’t get all this content on a free app, so you have to get a subscription service to access all of them. This app doesn’t work well on low-end devices. It is available on both mobile apps and as a website.


  • Provides educational content on math, art, music, and reading
  • Offers many classroom, games, and learning activities
  • Tracks activity and monitor progress
  • Available as a website
  • Access to all content through a subscription plan

Nick Jr.

Rating: 4.0 stars

Nick Jr. is a good android app for toddlers and preschoolers. It provides you with more content which includes educational videos, games, TV show episodes, and original entertainment. All the educational videos and entertaining videos make preschooler’s experiences more fun and make them learn more.

This app provides audio instruction which makes toddlers easy to use. This app updates more videos and games for kids every day. If you have a subscription to the Nick Jr. channel, then you can get more content on videos. If you are new, then you have to sign in to the app with your TV provider. All over, it is a free app and worth downloading.


  • Educational videos and games
  • User-friendly experience
  • Audio instruction
  • Updates more games and videos every day
  • Provides subscription for more video content


These are some of the apps that you can use for your kids. Although some apps contain in-app purchase, it is free to download and use. It’s always good to hear from readers about our articles, so do leave a comment on the comment box and let us know which are your favorite apps.

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