12 Best Websites To Download Paid Software For Free

Websites to download paid software for free

Software is costly, but it’s challenging to avoid investing in a license when you need them for something specific. However, It is possible to download a paid software for your computer without spending a dime if you know where to look. The idea of getting free software is appealing, but you may end up finding very few of the quality software you need or infect your computer with malware.

When a new type of software is invented, there are generally a small group of technology enthusiasts who will purchase it just for the joy of figuring out how it works. However, until that software can do something useful for most of us, we will not spend our hard-earned money on it. However, many websites offer paid software for free.

Is it safe to download paid software for free?

There are many pirated software sites to download on the internet where you can download premium software, exposing you to the risk of malware and viruses. Rather than going down the dark alley of pirated torrents and hazardous websites, it is safer to download full version software for free and legally. Here’s a list of things to check for to determine whether or not it’s safe to download.

  • Determine what you’re downloading
  • Examine over the site
  • Have other people downloaded the file or software?
  • Watch out who you are downloading the file from
  • Look at the file or software size
  • Watch out for executable files, like ‘.exe’,’ .scr’ and’ .bat’

Lists Of Website To Download Paid Software For Free

The websites listed below allow you to download paid software for free legally. Yes, the curated websites where you may find [legally] paid things for free.

  1. Download.hr
  2. Giveaway Radar
  3. Malware Tips
  4. TopWareSale
  5. GiveawayOfTheDay
  6. Softpedia
  7. Techno360
  8. ShareWareOnSale
  10. TechTipLib
  11. Giveaways Networks
  12. Tickcoupon Giveaway


download hr as websites to download paid software for free

Download.hr is a website dedicated to game and software giveaways, where you may acquire free paid software. You may also get a discount price. Giveaways are available for Android, Mac, Windows, and iOS. Users can discuss giveaways and offer in their forum.

  • There are full versions of games and software for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.
  • A brief description of the giveaway program is shown with amazing discounts on their websites.
  • To participate in their Giveaway, you must either share it on social media or wait a few hundred seconds.
  • To participate in some giveaways, you must first register on the website.

Giveaway Radar

giveaway radar

According to Giveaway Radar, the free apps listed on this site are primarily hand-picked, ensuring quality and limiting the number of apps available, so you might not always find what you’re looking for. However, for all giveaways here, there is a rule that no barrier is allowed to stop any user from receiving an official license other than time, which means you don’t have to comment, share, or like to win a free app.

  • All of the software giveaways can be found here.
  • All long-term and short-term giveaways are organized into categories to help to find them easier.
  • It functions as a library for all giveaway sites, displaying the links and descriptions to the user.
  • Here you can find giveaways from various providers all in one place concisely and clearly.

Malware Tips

malware tips

Malware Tips is primarily a platform for reviews, technology, malware, virus, and other phishing websites, but it has also evolved into free software and giveaways. This page can help you solve problems with giveaways and other technological issues.

  • All of the most latest paid software giveaways from a variety of sources are featured.
  • The download URLs shared are safe, with no malware attachments.
  • The website is simple to navigate.
  • The forum members are quite helpful.

Most I Want

use of most I want for best website to download for free

Most I Want is a legitimate free software download site with an extensive software database. It comprises practically every type of software, such as utilities, video and image applications, security software, games, and so on. You can also easily compile a list of all available premium software giveaways from a variety of sources.

  • This website also offers a free license to software giveaways.
  • User-Friendly Interface. 
  • Most I Want provides legal paid software. 
  • Almost provides Windows and Mac relevant giveaways software.


giveaway of the day

For more than ten years, GiveAwayOfTheDay has been offering premium PC software for free to its users. This website can be useful if you need a specific piece of software but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it.

  • Its top page features various programs, including Windows software, Android apps, and iPhone apps.
  • New commercial software is offered for free every 24 hours.
  • The name of the application, a short outline, and the remaining time are shown.
  • To access the download link, you usually have to share the deal on social media or provide your email address.
  • The installation process is not straightforward; you will get a Readme file with instructions to install and activate the software.
  • Due to protection software that checks the website and activates it on the day of the Giveaway, the software can only be installed on this particular day.



Softpedia is not only the world’s largest free software encyclopedia, but it also offers amazing paid software for free.

  • There are several excellent paid software giveaways included.
  • On the download page, there are detailed reviews with screenshots.
  • There is no need to register or provide your email address.
  • Easy-to-use downloads.
  • Don’t publish the giveaways very frequently.



Another place where you may get the complete version of the software for free is Techno360. This website’s software is compatible with both Mac and Windows computers. The user is not granted a short-term license on this website. In general, a year’s worth of software can be obtained as a single-user license. It is beneficial to the user who wants to get a new and updated version of software regularly.

  • It publishes exciting software regularly.
  • It always provides a safe and secure software download link.
  • This website is simple to navigate.


shareware on sale

SharewareOnSale is more than just a daily free software giveaway website; it’s an everyday software sale and a daily free software giveaway rolled into one! Unlike Giveaway of the Day, SharewareOnSale is a daily-deal website dedicated to daily free software giveaways for Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS.

  • The free software giveaway lasts more than a day, frequently two or three days!
  • This website not only gives out paid software for free, but it also has a lot of discounts and sales going on.
  • It also lets several additional Giveaways and deals and provides paid software for other platforms.
  • It puts all information about Giveaway software on the main page.



Net-Load is simply a collector website that gathers and publishes all of the daily free software giveaways currently running on the internet. On their website, they provide a download link for the promotional software and a licensing key. The giveaways are updated once every two days or twice a day on occasion. There isn’t any pattern to follow.

  • The website is simple to use.
  • It concentrates on Windows-related apps.
  • It always gives safe and secure download links.
  • License codes are directly provided for specific giveaways.



TechTipLib is a tech blog where you may post on Windows, SEO, iPad, and other topics. Aside from that, there are numerous free full version software downloads available. Besides software downloads, you may find a great deal of information on giveaways. You can obtain the latest deals by following their social media profiles, where they post them first.

  • In addition to free software, you can learn about windows, technical tools, WordPress, and various other topics.
  • It offers both software and information about the latest gadgets and systems.
  • To have access to this website, you must like and follow TechTipLib pages on social media.

Giveaways Networks

giveaways network for free downloading best paid software

Giveaways Network is the most well-known website providing free PC software to its users for over a decade. It’s a user-friendly website that offers special giveaway software and discounts. You no longer need to purchase cracked software because this site provides everyday free licensed software, applications from developers worldwide, tempting deals, and free Udemy courses.

  • Giveaways Networks has worked with several software developers worldwide, making it simple to navigate and download.
  • The giveaways are available for Windows, Mac OS X, Android, and iOS devices. 
  • To access a download link for the software, you will often need to share the deal on social media or provide your email address.
  • This software is available for download for 24 hours, with reviews of the software made available.

Tickcoupon Giveaways

tickcoupon giveaways

Tickcoupon Giveaway is yet another premium software downloader website that you may use to get free software for your pc. It is a comprehensive platform for purchasing software at a low price and obtaining free software. It is a very clear and accessible website with different sections holding various types of software, making it easier for the user to locate their preferred software.

  • The site’s top page lists ongoing giveaways and provides coupon codes and deals for popular software programs.
  • It is unnecessary to create a Tickcoupon account before downloading paid software, but certain software providers may demand an email address to send activation instructions.
  • There are categories such as Security, Utilities, Audio/Video/Photo, Backup & Recovery, Servers, and Development to check out all the software giveaways that are user-friendly and easy to use.
  • They offer giveaways for all operating systems, including Windows, Android, and Mac.


These are all free websites where you can get the greatest paid software for your computer for free. Furthermore, all of the greatest websites are user-friendly and trustworthy to download. Not all websites offering free full version software are safe to browse. So, before making a move, double-check the hosting site and other information. Overall, these websites are beneficial for obtaining free software and giveaways for a limited period. You will be able to access the software you desire in this way legally.

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